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Featuring Rick Muchow Posted on August 9, 2016

Free Coaching is offered through practical Ask Rick Worship articles, Daily Facebook and Twitter posts, and our monthly newsletter. Additional coaching is now available through the Coaching Subscription.

The Coaching Subscription offers services designed to enhance your personal ministry and/or ministry team. I believe that Leading Worship is first a calling and then a skill to be developed. I am excited for the opportunity to share my 30 years of Worship Leading experience with you and your ministry.

Coaching is practical and transferable. While every church is unique, there are principles that will bring success in every environment. I’ve had the opportunity to build teams and lead congregations and events in a variety of sizes and shapes from very small to over 45,000 people. I understand most of the challenges worship leaders face navigating the waters of worship ministry and I would be honored to help you.

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*Direct Ask Rick:  Each month two submitted questions are selected to be answered and distributed to members.

**One On One Coaching: 1 hour per month by phone or Skype.

***Worship Service Evaluation Monthly: Send Rick a video of your service for written review.

Additional Services Available:

  • Visit to Your Church (lead worship, work with you and your team) Learn More
  • Staff Evaluation (help you get the most from your staff)
  • New Staff Hire Consultation
  • Worship Center Upgrade Consultation
  • Original Worship Song Evaluation and Coaching
  • Event Programming/Production

What Others Are Saying:

"Idlewild Church recently experienced one of the greatest milestone worship experiences in the 29 years I have served here in Tampa, Florida. Rick Muchow spent a week with us and worked with bands, singers, choir, and orchestra that culminated in a praise and prayer service that people are still talking about eight weeks later. He sang, he led, he invested, and imparted wisdom from his 30+ years of ministry. All who know Rick know him to be a gracious counselor, a listening ear, and an incredible talent - writer, arranger, and author. I encourage you to give prayerful consideration to inviting Rick to spend some time with your worship teams. You will find it God honoring, spiritually enriching, and musically rewarding for both you and your worship teams. I guarantee it. If what I say is not true, I will cover his expenses for you!" - Ron Upton, Lead Minister – Music & Worship, Idlewild Baptist Church

"I’ve been to most of the major worship conferences and I've listened to tons of podcasts on the same subject. While those things have value, Rick has delivered more practical and spiritual value to our team than those things could ever bring. His experience combined with his incredible passion for Christ and His church have both encouraged our team and ignited a flame in me to become a better leader. Whether you are a church of 100 or 10,000, Rick has been there and can help you and your team take the next steps in becoming better at your craft and more Christ-centered as worship leaders!" - Eddie Harrison, Worship/Creative Pastor, CrossPointe Church

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