PraiseCharts began in the heart of a worship leader with a desire to serve other worship leaders all over the world. Today, we have grown to become a world-wide network of people with a common heart and a shared vision.  Not all of us are musicians - but we are all worshipers.  We are all inspired by the privilege to be developing a business that truly functions as a ministry with an eternal purpose.  We are literally walking behind the blessing of God as He opens doors of opportunity.

The internet has opened up a whole new world for PraiseCharts, and a whole new way of doing business.  We are a very interconnected team on many levels, but there is no central office.  The organization is very flat, and the atmosphere is professional, but casual. We are a team of moms, dads, pastors, worship leaders, producers, business leaders and song writers.  For more information, please browse through the following pages:

  • Our Story - Read about our days as a fledgling startup when dial-up internet was just gaining popularity.

  • Our Team - Get to know the people and the heart behind the business and the ministry of PraiseCharts.  We have an ever-expanding team scattered all over the world.  Read our mission statement, and then get to know the story behind PraiseCharts that started back in 1998.  Discover the culture that defines how we work together and serve our customers.  Finally, read our statement of faith, which expresses the core foundation of the gospel that unites our sense of purpose, even as we share many different backgrounds

  • Copyright - We aim to respect the intellectual property of others, and we ask that you share that aspiration with us.

  • Guarantee - If you are not satisfied, we are not satisfied.  Whatever you purchase at PraiseCharts is risk free.  If you find a problem, we'll either fix it or give you your money back.  We want you to feel safe making an investment into PraiseCharts.

  • Refund Policy - If you are not happy with an arrangement and you notify us within a reasonable amount of time (i.e. no more than a month), we will be happy to refund your payment or give you a credit towards another purchase.

  • Privacy Policy - We collect your information so that we can better serve you.  We don't sell your information to other companies. 

  • Logo - Find our logo in every shape, size and format that you can use for both print and screen.  You are free to use our logo, as long as it is used with reference back to PraiseCharts.

  • Link To Us - Help us spread the word about PraiseCharts by posting one of our banner ads on your site.

  • Terms of Use - Please review our Terms of Use before downloading music.

  • API Usage Agreement - Use of the PraiseCharts API is limited to authorized users and subject to these usage terms.
  • Guestbook - Satisfied customers are our greatest asset.  Read about how others have experienced PraiseCharts, and how our resources have helped to take their ministries to new levels. 

  • Sponsorship - PraiseCharts has many resources available to participate in and support your conference or event. While it is not possible for us to sponsor every single conference, we do sponsor a variety of different conferences each year.