Connecting To The Congregation

Featuring Rick Muchow Posted on September 23, 2008

Viewer Blog Question:
How does one have a balance in how they worship on stage when others are really watching? I am a singer in a choir and I am having a hard time with looking at the congregation when I am singing a song that leads to a personal time towards God, yet I want others to know that this is a message to them that they to can have this personal time with Him as well it is not just for those on the stage leading them into a realm of worship. I love to close my eyes when I am singing. I can block out all the distractions and focus on Him, however it looks like I am ignoring the congregation, or that I am lazy, or tired even though I have joy on my face.

Rick Muchow:
Simply put, when I am singing a lyric to God like “I love you Lord,” I don’t look into the eyes of other people. I look up or close my eyes. When I’m singing a song about “when we worship” for example the song, "Shine" by Matt Redman that says “we will shine like stars in the universe,” I will thoughtfully, sincerely look at other worshippers to acknowledge we’re all in this together as the body of Christ. We serve and love a wonderful God.

It is important when leading worship to remember that the goal is to connect others to God in worship. The worship leader’s most intimate worship experience is mostly done when we are NOT leading others: in a quiet time, private worship, or when we take part in a corporate worship services as a member of the congregation.

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