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For more than 15 years, well-respected worship leader Kari Jobe has been using her gifts to lead people into the presence of God. When she began leading worship at age 13, she never imagined she would be nominated for a GRAMMY®, win multiple Dove Awards, or be praised by the New York Times. She only knew she had a heart for broken people and a deep desire to lead them to the cross.

 “We all have such a heart to connect people to the heart of God through music, and it’s powerful,” she offers. “To all write together, I think it’s just a huge picture of how we’re supposed to do Kingdom together. If we, as worship leaders, are connecting and writing songs for the Church, then the Church needs to do Church together, too.”

Some of Jobe’s most popular worship anthems, like “Revelation Song” and “Healer,” have been written by others, so to release a collection of songs where she’s personally been an intricate part of creating every track was a dream come true for the worship leader, who’s grateful and eager to collaborate with others. “When I die, if I was known for one thing, I would want to be known for [helping people] fall more in love with Jesus,” Jobe asserts. “So I don’t care what song I sing, if the heart of it is that people fall more in love with Jesus and they understand the heart of God for them.”

 “I have such a desire to go to war for people’s lives and to help them overcome the enemy through their worship and through their declarations of who He is,” she adds. “It’s astounding how many people just don’t live in the complete authority that we have over the enemy. He doesn’t have any power unless we give it to him.”

 Jobe longs to see denominational barriers broken down and believers united, and she believes worship in its purest form has the power to do that. “There’s honor in all of it. There’s beauty in all of it. There’s beauty in tradition, and there’s beauty in reverence, but that’s the key—reverence. It’s not about a title or what kind of church you go to; it’s about reverencing who God is and allowing Him to be God in your congregation,” she maintains. “He comes to inhabit the praises of His people, and so He’s going to come when we worship Him. He always shows up, and He always changes an atmosphere because that’s His character.”

 Her greatest accolade always has been and always will be the opportunity to reflect Christ. “I don’t see myself any differently than when I was 13, just a worship leader,” she admits. “It’s just sometimes I open my eyes and there’s a few more people worshipping God with me.”

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