Introducing Hymn Sheets - Modern Worship Songs In Four-Part Harmony

Posted on July 16, 2020

Let's be honest, there are still a lot of people in our pews who appreciate the sound of four-part harmony -- and not just from the choir loft! We have experienced a major shift since the dawn of the overhead projector. That tool of the '80s and '90s was replaced by PowerPoint, ProPresenter, and a host of other programs designed to lift our eyes from hymnbooks toward lyrics projected above the stage.

Alongside PowerPoint and ProPresenter came a wave of new worship music that traded-in four-part harmony for catchy rhythms and smooth chord progressions. What we have gained on the stage with our refined worship bands, we have lost in the pews with our simplified melodies.

Here is the big question: can we have both? Can we sing modern worship songs in four-part harmony? It's not for everyone, but many may welcome this new sound. That is precisely what we are introducing with Hymn Sheets. Now we have all the same modern worship songs you love, arranged in four-part vocal harmony with your congregation in mind.

Can you imagine a song like Way Maker showing up in the next edition of your church hymnbook? Now you can have it! Download the Hymn Sheet from PraiseCharts and then make copies for your congregation according to the terms of your CCLI License.

We hope that our Hymn Sheets will be used as a tool to help people across the generations come together in worship. We want to hear the sound of harmony in the congregation blending with the sound of modern worship bands, with all their catchy rhythms and smooth chord progressions.

Check out our growing selection of Hymn Sheets today!

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