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Hear from Ryan Dahl in the Worship Leader Collective (WLCO) Podcast

Posted on February 10, 2020

Listen in to the latest episode of the Worship Leader Collective Podcast where host Jenni McGrew talks to Ryan Dahl (founder of PraiseCharts) about the heart behind PraiseCharts, and stories about where PraiseCharts is heading in the future. While you are at it, check out the previous episode featuring our good friend, Paul Baloche. Fun fact ... Ryan and Jenni are both going to be at the Worship Innovators Conference in Chicago, IL on June 8-9, 2020. If you want to join us, register soon www.worshipinnovators.com before it's full! ** Use promo code "PRAISECHARTS" to save $50 on your registration.


Beautiful Worship Set From Passion 2020

Posted on January 15, 2020

Here's a powerful worship set from Passion 2020 featuring the voices of Kari Jobe, Cody Carnes, Elevation Worship, and Passion Band. The songs weave together in such a beautiful way. Find all the music here ... more


We're Gonna Be at the Worship Innovators Conference (June 8-9, 2020 | Chicago, IL)

Posted on January 14, 2020

Are you ready for a new kind of worship conference? This one is different. Instead of artists and publishers, this one is led by a network of worship innovators who have founded some of the leading worship resource companies you have come to know and love. Ryan Dahl, the founder of PraiseCharts, is going to be there as a worship leader, host, and session speaker. Plus, it is very possible he may find a way to put on a glorious cornhole tournament in the parking lot. You don't want to miss this one. Join Ryan and several of his innovator friends, like Matt McCoy (Loop Community), Aaron Stewart (Planning Center), Jason Houtsma (Worship Artistry), Jenni Mcgrew (Worship Leaders Collective, and more. Register today at www.worshipinnovators.com/ and bring your team! ** Use promo code "PRAISECHARTS" to save $50 on your registration.


Top Worship Songs Of The 2010s - A Decade In Review

Posted on January 5, 2020

What an incredible decade the 2010s have been for modern worship songwriting. We have seen the rise of some amazing songs from world-class recording artists like Matt Redman, Chris Tomlin, Hillsong Worship, Hillsong United, Bethel Music, Lauren Daigle, and more. I am a huge fan of worship music.  As we close out the second decade of the 21st century, I've put together a series of posts that will take you on a tour through the top worship songs during each of the last ten years. You can easily click through each year and take a journey down memory lane, reviewing some of the greatest worship songs that have been written in the last decade.


Top 40 Worship Songs Of 2019

Posted on January 4, 2020

Bethel Music seemed to catch some momentum in 2018 with Reckless Love, which only served to set the stage for a song that took the top spot in 2019, Raise A Hallelujah. John and Melissa Helser were known to many from their song, No Longer Slaves, but Raise A Hallelujah seemed to echo a cry of worship that reverberated in congregations all across the nation. Bethel didn't just stop with one song. Brian Johnson teamed up with Phil Wickham to write another top song in 2019 with Living Hope. Hillsong surely would not stand by in silence. King of Kings came late in the 2019 year and shows incredible signs of strength heading into the next decade.


Top 100 Worship Songs Of The Decade (2010-2019)

Posted on January 4, 2020

The 2010s will be remembered for years to come as a season when songwriting for congregational worship rose to a level of strength and maturity. It's one thing to have a song be the best of the week, or the month, or even the year, but songs that rise to the top over an entire decade are truly special. They have a hymn-like staying power. What is interesting is that the second and third-ranked songs never actually became the top songs in any one year among the 2010s. However, the height of their peak barely shines a light on the length of their breadth.  10000 Reasons took a clear lead in the 2010s, more than 25% stronger than number two. Cornerstone, This Is Amazing Grace and What A Beautiful Name are all massive worship songs for the 2010s.


Taking Chord Charts To The Next Level In 2020

Posted on December 28, 2019

If there is one thing I can't stand, it is a poorly written chord chart. Wrong lyrics, wrong chords, spelling mistakes, misplaced chords, unclear rhythms, missing lyrics... the list goes on. I am a self-proclaimed chord chart fanatic. To me, there is an art to representing a song on a page with chords and lyrics in a way that is clear and memorable. A few weeks ago, I decided I was going to methodically go through all of our top selling chord charts and edit them to perfection. Perfect spelling, perfect chords, perfect phrasing, perfect line-breaking, perfect timing, and a perfect match to our corresponding lead sheets. Why should you have to waste your time at band practice with a bad chord chart?  If you are interested, I'm going to take you on a back-stage tour of PraiseCharts -- to places that no one else has permission to access.  Then, I'll show you some hidden features on the front-end of PraiseCharts that will unlock your hidden chord chart superpowers. Get ready to take it to the next level in 2020.


20 Worship Songs To Help Bring In The New Year

Posted on December 26, 2019

The Christmas songs have all been sung and now you are looking for some fresh songs to help bring in the new year. To help make this easier, we have put together a list of songs to update your setlists. This list includes songs from well-known artists such as Bethel Music, Elevation Worship, Hillsong Worship and so many more. Check out the list today! 

See all the songs >>