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Featuring PraiseCharts Posted on January 24, 2009

Over this next year, PraiseCharts is working with SamePage to make our music available through their system. But why delay - you can hook up with SamePage today and make the future a reality now! Check out this promotional piece direct from our friends at SamePage:

SamePage Functionality on Your Laptop!
You have watched the development of SamePage over the last couple years and you have seen the functionality increase and the price go down. Our "open" platform has allowed us to offer the flexibility to connect with some of the best tools available (MediaShout, Momentum In-ear Monitors) to solve many tech issues faced by praise and tech teams in preparation and communication in the sanctuary.  We've heard from an overwhelming number of folks that a SamePage purchase is not a question of "if", but "when" they will purchase the system.  So we have been thinking of a way for churches of any size and budget to have the ability to start out with an entry level of SamePage and grow into a complete system.

On February 9th we will be offering a software version of SamePage that you will be able to install on your laptop and still have online planning and connectivity with MediaShout and Momentum!  We understand that you will ultimately want the complete system and functionality, but let's start with the software and when the budget is available to purchase the SamePage Performance Station, we will credit your software purchase(s) and give you a significant discount on every station.  

If you are interested in getting a head start with SamePage Mobile, please contact us TODAY!  We look forward to hearing from you and showing you how to grow into a full SamePage system in the future.

Email: sales@samepagemusic.com
Office: 877-211-0610
Web: www.samepagemusic.com
Which SamePage Is Right For You?
Let's start with the basics. There has been some confusion with how to configure SamePage.  There are three basic ways to configure the right SamePage for you:

SamePage with mobile capabilities for your laptop with MediaShout and Momentum integration capabilities. You asked for it.  Here it comes.  Made for the tight budget and the user on the go: SamePage Mobile.  You will be able to install SamePage software and online planning to any Windows XP/Vista laptop and Macs running boot camp and have full SamePage functionality PLUS have integration capabilities with Media Shout and Momentum.
If you have team members that have their own laptops, you will be able to purchase a license for each user and have A LOT of functionality very inexpensively.
Go a step further, you can still purchase Momentum equipment through our team and for a small budget you can have SamePage Functionality, Media Shout Integration and have personal monitor mixing all on your laptop!!!

  • When you are ready for Touch Screen Performance Stations you can upgrade with a significant discount on each station!!!
  • Still use CCLI and any other online planning/content provider, integrate into SamePage Mobile, and you can say goodbye to paper!
  • 1 License: $389 (Standard) /
  • Introductory Price: $299 (until Feb 28, 2009)
  • 5-Pack: $1599 (Standard)
  • SamePage Non-Touch performance stations with MediaShout and Momentum integration capabilities.

Maybe you don't have enough laptops or you still want to use a SamePage Performance Station for each musician and singer, but maybe a Touch Screen Performance Station is not needed or out of your price range.  Available now is the ability to customize the solution that best fits your needs and budget.  You can even customize your setup to include Touch and Non-Touch Screens.  It's up to you!
With a Non-Touch SamePage Performance Station you still have all features and functions available to you, but at a much more aggressive price point. 

SamePage with touch screen performance stations, MediaShout integration and Momentum Personal Monitor integration capabilities.

After three years of development and from your feedback, SamePage has been built to greatly impact every part of your service.  Each player and singer can have their own station with touch screen control and full SamePage features.  Pastors can upload their sermon content.  You can control content on confidence monitors and back wall projection for your front line singers, have seamless communication between worship and tech teams, and control song flow with MediaShout integration.
We have built SamePage so that it will grow with your needs.  You can start out with the bare essentials or purchase the entire solution.  So let's take a look at how the three options compare.

You can start with two stations, MediaShout integration and control back wall projection.  When you want to expand, expand! TO SEE CURRENT PRICING GO ONLINE AND ENTER PROMO CODE: 4A007

SamePage + Momentum Personal Monitor Mixing
SamePage is completely stand alone but even more powerful with the addition of Momentum hardware.  If you are looking to purchase personal monitor mixing or have outgrown your current system, you can invest in a complete SamePage System that offers up to 32 channels of mixing and features that no other monitoring system offers. Whether you want to start with a limited number of mixing stations or want to outfit the entire team, contact us and we will provide the right configuration and special package price!

Click on the link below to our support page and see how SamePage and Momentum can be configured for your church: www.samepagemusic.com/support

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