New Countoff And Vocal Cues For Reason

Featuring David Bauer Posted on May 31, 2011

New Countoff and Vocal Cues for Reason

The popularity of our recently released Reason files continues to grow.  We are pleased that this powerful resource has proven to be a valuable tool for worship leaders and music professionals around the world.

If you've purchased a Reason file from PraiseCharts, you may have noticed a dialog box pop up like the one shown below.  This is simply Reason's way of telling you there are unique audio samples associated with the file that cannot be located.  This affects mostly our Reason files that were released prior to April 2011.

If you are missing the VOX Countoff samples, please click HERE to download those missing files.  The VOX Countoff samples are simply the voice count "1-2-3-4" that you hear at the beginning of all of our ClickTracks.  

NEW CLICK & VOCAL CUES Method for 2011

At the beginning of April this year, we changed all of the Countoff samples and added a library of common Vocal Cues to add throughout the song to cue various sections.  If you've purchased any ClickTrack or Reason files released after April 2011 you should see the addition of vocal cues to signal sections such as the Verse, Chorus, Turn, Bridge, etc.  This can very helpful for you and your worship band to ensure everyone is playing the correct section by hearing sectional cues in their isolated click track.  

We have also made this new method of Countoff and Vocal Cues available to you if you wish to add the new samples to any existing Reason session.  To download the NEW 2011 Click & VOX Cues, please click HERE.  In order to use the new method of Countoff and Vocal Cues, please download this file and add the unzipped folder to your existing Reason 5.0 folder as shown below.

One of our producers, Matthew Clary, has created a handy Combinator to manage all of the new 2011 Click & Vocal Cue samples, as shown below.  

This tutorial video explains how to work with the new 2011 Click & VOX Cues device and set it up with any existing Reason session.

More recently,  we have been "packaging" our Reason files in a way that self-contains all associated sound samples.  So you should not be missing any audio samples in the latest released tracks.  We still do not include samples from licensed and purchased ReFills such as the Reason Drum Kits or Reason Electric Bass.  Anything we have created ourselves, or is available for free, should already be included in each Reason file created since April.  

If you have any questions or need further assistance with our Reason files from PraiseCharts, please contact us at

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