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Featuring David Bauer Posted on December 25, 2011

Technology is such an innovative and powerful tool these days.  If you’re like us, you enjoy using the latest technology to help enhance and support your live worship experience.   Many worship leaders and musicians are finding great success using the latest apps to run their backing or click tracks for live performance and worship. 

Here are some cool applications that will help you take your PraiseCharts audio tracks with you on your iOS mobile device.

For Click Tracks, Rhythm Tracks & Band Tracks

Tracks that are finished 2-track mixes (mp3’s, AIFF or WAV files) can easily play back in on your iOS mobile device.  Every iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch have an iPod or “Music” playback application that works much like iTunes on your Mac or PC.  This is a nice, simple way to go…however you have some limitations to the iPod music player.

Check out  This app is by far one of the most innovative and live playback-friendly for anyone performing music with backing tracks. 

















 Key advantages of SoundCue:

  • Easily import or “assign” any audio file of any type to one of the large cue buttons on the interface.  Any audio file already loaded on your iOS device can be accessed with SoundCue.
  • Simply tap a button to instantly play any track.
  • Fade out at any time on any track, with variable fade times
  • Quickly bounce around from song to song, in any order you choose.
  • View 25 songs per page at a time on the large interface (12 on the iPhone/iPod Touch)
  • Easy-to-view elapsed and remaining track time.
  • Volume control.

For Multi Tracks

Multi Tracks from PraiseCharts give you the added flexibility of creating a specific mix of instruments based on your performance needs.  Here are apps that we would recommend for Multi Track playback in your iOS device.

















  • Import multiple audio files in to one single song for multi track playback. (via iTunes file sharing)
  • Up to 8 simultaneous stereo tracks for playback.
  • Create your own unique mix for your live music event.
  • Available for iPad & iPod Touch or iPhone









Other apps similar to GarageBand, available in the App Store:
















Don’t Forget Quality Audio Cables!

Now that you have found the right application to play your tracks, I would suggest you consider your audio cable connection to your house audio system.  Your sound is only as good as your inexpensive cable dangling out of your headphone jack on the end of your iPad or iPhone. 

For better audio performance and connectivity, here are a couple recommended options that take advantage of your Dock Connector on your iOS device.  You can find less expensive cables out there, but be careful to buy quality connections to ensure the best audio performance and playback.

For connecting to balanced XLR inputs directly with your audio system…

    iPro Link Cable Kit IFEPDXLRM








For connecting directly to a stereo direct box or your audio console…

    iPro Link Cable Kit IFEPD14P









Check out RAM Electronics for the best selection of high quality cables designed for today’s iOS devices.  They have an amazing selection of adapters and cable configurations to make any audio connection.

If you have additional questions please contact support at or David directly at

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