The Funny Thing About Using A Click

Featuring Loops In Worship Posted on December 29, 2011

I stumbled upon an article today that made me chuckle. I also realized something funny about playing with a click. Using a click will make your band tighter, using a click will give your players an absolute to “sync” up to, will get everyone on the same page, and everyone will lose 10 pounds playing to a click. The funny thing about playing with a click is that there is no perfect click. You may find a perfect click sound, but there’s no perfect click. I’ve had alot of people say they LOVE the click sound in Ableton. I’ve heard people say they HATE the click in Live. I’ve had people want to play to a percussive style click, and some people want a wood-block style click.

It’s tricky because our ears are all different. The environments that we use our click in are all different. You’ve got to find a click sound that works for your team. One thing that may help is our click, Foundations.

It’s available for Ableton Live, and in a Apple Loops format that you can use in Logic, Garageband, or any software that accepts Apple Loops.

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