SoundCue App For iPad

Featuring David Bauer Posted on December 27, 2011

You guys should check this out if you haven't already.  I've been looking for a slick way to trigger tracks that are just stereo mixes (or click tracks) from my iPad.  I was using the iPod function of the iPad to play tracks, but the problem is songs will continue to play in the playlist unless you hit pause or stop.  Plus when you want to toss to another track you have to hit the next arrow button.  On the fly, leading worship, this can be dangerous if you miss the button.

SoundCue is awesome...allows me to load ANY audio file in my iPad to any button.  All I do is tap the button when I want the track to start.  When the track's done, it stops.  If I hit another button, it immediately plays whatever track is loaded.  And you can fade out any playing track at any point.  

This would be a huge resource for worship leaders, drummers, etc. who use our Click Tracks, Rhythm Tracks and Band Tracks.  I might need to do a blog about going mobile with PraiseCharts tracks.  I've also been researching the best cables and dock connector audio connections instead of using the headphone jack.  Would love to know your thoughts of if you've used our tracks in mobile applications.

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