Marcus Gresham Song Story for "Our King"

Featuring Marcus Gresham Posted on April 13, 2012

I am amazed about the Majesty of our Lord Jesus Christ. I was born in London, England—a place where nobility, dignity, magnificence, splendor, and reign are easily seen. Years ago, our Christmas Pageants in Columbus, OH would depict a glorious scene of the Lord Jesus Christ’s Second Coming. If I close my eyes today, I can still visualize what we tried to portray about Jesus—His ornate, beautiful crown symbolizing His Victory, Authority, Reign and Majesty.

When I wrote “Our King” I had finished up a personal study about the Magnificence, Splendor, and Supremacy of Jesus Christ as Savior, Lord, and King. [ John 5:22-30/Hebrews 1:8-9/ 1 Corinthians 15:51-55; 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18/Revelation 5:13:12-13; 19:11-16] I specifically recounted His Second Coming.

Today, a lot of messages and songs talk about God being sovereign to the degree that He controls man’s every decision and outcome of life. Yet scripture clearly tells us that God allows every person a free will to make choices in his life, and the absolute truth of Him being Sovereign references His justice over injustice, victory over evil, and most of all His rule and reign.

The fact that Jesus Christ is Our King, now and forever, excites me to no end. He has been crowned everything God declares Him—the Victor, Righteousness, Justice, Mighty, Powerful, Supreme Ruler, Sovereign, Awesome, etc.

In “Our King” I emphasize Jesus as King of Kings, Supreme in all His glory, in all His power. I want listeners to know that in addition to Jesus triumphing over the cross, the grave, death and hell, He is the King. His Second Coming is going to be no small event according to scripture. So, this is what the song highlights. It is a personal favorite, since it allows me to anthem His greatness to Him in expressions of praise and honor.

One of my favorite lines is ‘Now and forever You are majestic Lord, now and forever You are Great!’ For me there is only One who is great—Jesus Christ the Lord. Musically speaking, this is where I wrote the melody to match His Greatness. I want people everywhere to know that truth. I also endeavor people everywhere to give Him the glory and reverence that is His alone.



Marcus Gresham ©2011 MSG! Music; All Rights Reserved/ASCAP

Who brings justice
Who brings victory
Who brings righteousness
Who rules over nations
Who is mighty
Who is powerful
Who is awesome and sovereign
Who reigns forever

Our King
Our King
Our King
Jesus, Jesus
Our King
Our King
Our King
Jesus Christ the Lord

Now and forever
You are majestic Lord
Now and forever
You are Great