"Faithful And Loving God" Song Story

Featuring Brad Henderson Posted on November 8, 2010

I get to be around a lot of music in my line of work. I play a jazz gig once in awhile, work with bands and orchestras, play in a couple of worship bands, lead worship on Sunday with a band, transcribe a ton of new music these days for PraiseCharts and get to arrange for hire. You could say music is my life and my life is music and in one sense of the phrase, you would be correct.

In a more accurate sense of truth, music is not REALLY my life. It certainly is something I enjoy but Jesus is my life, my way, my truth and without Him, there frankly is NO life at all. There are times recently in my Christian walk I clearly heard, understood and obeyed the voice of God in my songwriting. Some would discount this as a moment of inspiration or even lessen it further by saying I had a good idea, a better angle or found a cool hook. You know, I find I truly write the “best stuff” when I am walking so arm in arm with Him that I cannot even consider taking the credit or the glory for the tune written or the lyrics crafted; when I am not trying to “write a hit” but rather want to say something that’s Biblically true and aimed straight at the heart of God.

Such is the case with a song I really feel God gave me to remind the church and maybe mostly myself, He is always faithful, stable and completely dependable. Faithful and Loving God lets me to tell God what He has already told me about Himself in His Word.

He reigns in power and glory. No one can say “What has He done?” He is God! He’s my Maker, Creator, the Sustainer of life. Redeemer of men and Savior of my soul!

Righteous and holy, the One and the only, always victorious, He’s my Shield and my Shelter, the Glory and the lifter of my head He’s my faithful and loving God.

He’s worthy of worship and praise. Every knee will bow and every tongue will confess He is God! This song, written as an offering, sung to the ONE King. He sits on the throne yet makes His home in me…!  Again His words, not mine

The lyrics for the bridge are taken from Psalms 105, a psalm about God’s faithfulness to His people. It describes what our response to His faithfulness SHOULD be.

If you are a writer today, put away the plans to write the next great worship song you might think of millions singing (with your name on it - grin).  Write to please God’s heart, His ears. Write from a place that knows of His goodness, from a place that desires more than anything, to express to Him a sincere word of thanks and praise. He IS a faithful and extremely loving God. Bless you in your walk today.

Brad Henderson

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