"Came To Save" Song Story

Featuring Joshua Seller Posted on October 11, 2010

"Came to Save” in a nutshell is my life story and the purpose of why Christ came. Funny thing is it was never intended to be on the album. I co-wrote the song with Nate Smith at Centricity Music and did a quick demo and stored in and among a bunch of other songs that were 80% finished. About a week before we went into the studio I came across the demo while looking through some old song ideas for the final track on the album. I sent the demo to my producer Matt Armstrong and he immediately wrote me back saying that he really liked this song. We spent some time over video Skype playing through and finalizing the chorus but it still needed something. It started to grow legs.

At that time the song didn’t have a bridge and I remember sitting in my living room reading through the lyrics in efforts to spark some inspiration for a strong bridge. I usually play through what I got until I new idea comes to me and in this case the bridge literally came all at once. The line “now I will praise the One who saves” is my favorite; Because of Christ and what He did I know am free to praise Him!

The first verse spells out how Christ found me and saved me. I was the farthest thing from searching for a Savior when Jesus revealed himself to me and for that I give him all the glory for my salvation. The scripture God used to open my eyes to His love comes from the story of the Prodigal Son found in Luke 11. That imagery of the son a far way from home, sitting in a pig pen, lost in his world of what He thought would bring him satisfaction really hit home with me. That was me.

Verse two gives proof to how Christ continues to save me daily. Sure, life in Christ is never easier but oh so much better. When temptation, when doubt, when "life" comes and overwhelms us—there Christ stands on our behalf lifting us and holding us to prove we are more than counters in Him. I cannot remember who said it so I will paraphrase, "His unending love will never lead us where His grace cannot sustain us." That was intent of verse 2.

I remember when the chorus came to Nate and I we really wanted to speak of the enormity of Christ’s sacrifice for sinners. He did it all on the cross once and for all. It wasn’t just one sin He saved us from, it wasn’t just one mistake He forgave us from but every sin, every shameful act. He took that on our behalf.

The line “every nail, and throne” signifies what Christ took that really we deserve. We all deserve crosses and nails, we deserve hell to be honest. But Christ came to save us from that! Thank You Lord!

I wanted to start this record with a song that really captured both the Gospel and how it saved my life. It might not be the most “congregationally” friendly song but it is a song the church (believers) needs to sing! The main message and truth of this song is for every believer that has encounter Christ and His saving power. To those of You who know Him, I pray you sing it loud and believe the freedom and forgiveness that You now possess in Christ, and in only Him!

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