We've Just Launched Pad Tracks

Posted on July 21, 2017

PraiseCharts is very pleased to announce the launch of our newest product: Pad Tracks! Pad Tracks are high quality audio tracks designed as background and transitional tracks that can be used in a variety of settings. 

These tracks are designed to create a beautiful soundscape that is contemplative and helpful in transitioning between songs in a worship setting. They are similar to Bed Tracks in that they can be used in a live band context, but can also be played in other situations such as during times of ministry, prayer, readings, etc. Pad Tracks allow for seamless transition from one song to another and can be easily played from an iPod, iPad, laptop or other device. 

What exactly are Pad Tracks?

Each Pad Track is a 20 minute mp3 that is built over 1 chord and is beautifully textured and ambient with high quality samples to provide easy transitions or simple soundscapes for a variety of contexts.  Like our Bed Tracks product, each of these tracks is offered in 6 different sound palettes that we have classified into albums: Afterglow, Atmospheric Strings, Huge Pad, Liquid Organ, Soft Choir and Solar Wind. 

Each track is recorded in each of the 12 major and minor keys, and each key includes both a ‘high’ and a ‘low’ option. The ‘high’ option includes the pads without the lower register sounds. The ‘low’ option is the full soundscape, including the lower register.

How do you use Pad Tracks?

You can use Pad Tracks to seamlessly transition from one song to another, without feeling rushed in between. With every Pad Track available in each of the 12 major and minor keys, you have the opportunity to have a seamless segue at the end of any worship song. Simply end the song with the band drawing out the last chord, fade in your chosen Pad Track in the same key, and then take all the time you need to let the Spirit of God minister without feeling rushed. If you need to switch keys, you can allow one Pad Track to cross-fade into another. This is an easy process to manage if you have your pads pre-loaded into an app like Worship Team Director 

Full List Of Pad Tracks

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