How To Use The Worship Team Director App With Bed Tracks

Posted on May 31, 2017

Worship Team Director is a great app that you can use to play Bed Tracks from your iPhone or your iPad. You can download it from App store or on iTunes for free! The primary benefit that Worship Team Director offers is a way to seamlessly fade from one track to another without an awkward stop-start transition. You'll find that our Bed Tracks offer 20 minutes of the same looping progression. With Worship Team Director, you can easily fade from one track to another at any point along the 20 minute timeline. With the Fade feature set to ON, the app will automatically fade out your current song when you hit stop, as opposed to stopping immediately. The same goes for starting a new track - there will be an automatic fade in to the song. This is especially helpful if you are in a live worship context and want to move from one track to the next smoothly. Simply hit Play on the next track and the current track will fade out, even as the new track fades in. If you are playing stereo tracks such as Band or Rhythm Tracks from your iPad or iPhone, this feature is great. However, if you are running Click Tracks from the app, you may choose to set the Fade option to OFF.

Here are a few steps to get you started:

  1. Download Worship Team Director for free from the App store.
  2. Purchase and download your preferred Bed Tracks from PraiseCharts.
  3. From within the Worship Team Director app, add the songs you have purchased from PraiseCharts. There are numerous ways to do this from within the app.
  4. Go to the Settings screen, and set the options as you see in the iPad example below.


Audio Setup - Click Tracks

If you are wanting to run Click Track from the app, the audio setup will be the same as it is for our other Click Track products. Find more info on how to connect your device to your sound system at

Audio Setup - Stereo Tracks (Band Tracks, Rhythm Tracks)

If you are wanting to run stereo tracks from your device, it will be a very similar setup to setting up for Click Tracks. The main difference is that you want to send both channels (left and right) to the house mix, as opposed to just the sigle track channel in Click Tracks. You will find more info on tech setup on our Tracks page.

How do I import my Bed Tracks?

With Worship Team Director, importing tracks is very simple. All you need to do is go to the “+” symbol at the top right corner to add a song. You will immediately see a window open that shows you what songs you already have in your Worship Team Director library. At the top of the window you’ll see 4 tabs: Audio, Video, Clicks and Import. Simply click on Import and the following window will pop up.


Now you just need to choose where you will import the audio from. Then you simply go to the source, pick the track you’d like and it will import into your Worship Team Director library.


If you want to change the order of tracks in the app, you must do that in this Setup page. Simply click on the 3 line tab on the far right of the track and you can drag it wherever you’d like in the order.

Ok, I’ve imported the tracks I want. Now what?

Another great question! Once you’ve imported the tracks you are wanting to use and you are happy with the order, push the Present tab at the top of the window and you will see this page: 


You are now in the Presentation screen and are ready to go. You can now play your tracks as you wish!

Read more about BedTracks.

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