Top Ten Ways To Use Bed Tracks

Posted on June 1, 2017

We developed Bed Tracks to help facilitate those special ministry moments that surround worship songs. Bed Tracks are made up of a synthesized soundscape layered with subtle rhythms, melodic tones, a rich bass, and lush pad. Each Bed Track moves through a progression of chords, looping repetitively for 20 minutes. Bed Tracks come in a variety of progressions, and a variety of soundscapes. Every Bed Track is then available in a variety of formats, including Band Track, Click Track, Rhythm Track, and Multi Track. You can read more about the different formats of our Bed Tracks here. 

Here are some examples of this flexible new resource:

The beauty of our Bed Tracks is that you can them for a wide variety of purposes in both personal and corporate ministry. We thought we would help you open your eyes to the wide range of ways you can use our Bed Tracks. These are the top ten ways we can think of using them. Dive in, and I’m sure you’ll discover more!

1. Prayer Ministry

One of the things you will immediately notice about these tracks is that they are very peaceful and meditative. Our goal is to provide a beautiful and peaceful background for things such as prayer ministry. The repetitive nature of our tracks will encourage a posture of meditation, where the focus can turn away from the music, and toward prayer. Each track extends for 20 minutes, giving you plenty of time. When you are ready to transition, just fade out the track. You can play the tracks on their own, or have members of your band lightly play along. The progression repeats over and over, giving your musicians room to be thoughtful, prayerful and creative as they play along.

2. Song Transitions

You can use Bed Tracks to seamlessly transition from one song to another, without feeling rushed in between. Every Bed Track is available in all 12 keys, giving you the opportunity to have a seamless segue at the end of a worship song. Simply end the song with the band drawing out the last chord, fade in your chosen Bed Track in the same key, and then take all the time you need to let the Spirit of God minister without feeling rushed. If you need to switch keys, you can allow one Bed Track to cross-fade into another. This is an easy process to manage if you have your pads pre-loaded into a app like Worship Team Director. We’ve included many popular chord progressions, in many styles and in every key, so you shouldn’t have trouble finding the right ‘fit’!

3. Scripture Reading

Bed Tracks provide a beautiful background to public scripture reading. Somehow, a soft bed of music brings a layer of emotion and attention to the Word of God, especially as you read with expression and cadence. Reading scripture doesn’t need to be rushed. Take your time, allow the Lord to speak as you read, and then let the music to create a context that brings heartfelt focus on the Word.

4. Songwriting

Moving off the stage and behind the scenes, Bed Tracks offer an amazing aid to the process of song writing. Because the progressions are consistent and continuous, you can take time to experiment with different melodies and lyrical phrases while the progression loops over and over. You won’t write an entire song from a Bed Track, but you may stumble on a key phrase or melodic hook that becomes central to a new song. Our Bed Tracks come in a variety of progressions that collectively represent the core components of many familiar songs. So, if you are feeling stuck as a songwriter, press play on a Bed Track progression, close your eyes, and let your voice and hands experiment with unrushed freedom. You’ll be amazed at what comes out. Just remember to write it down at the end!

5. Personal Worship

Stripping away any agenda to perform or create a new song, Bed Tracks offer a beautiful soundscape for personal worship. Close your eyes, rest your body, and enter the sweet space of His presence. Speak to the Lord, sing to Him, or let Him speak to you as you sit in stillness. If you play an instrument, release your hands to wander through melodies that come from your heart. The Lord will delight in the sound of your worship. As the progressions play on, you can also take time to read the Word of God for yourself — slowly, thoughtfully, quietly, or silently. The music is not the focus. It is just the background, setting the stage for your own time with the Lord.

6. Presentation Background Music

Whether it’s a pre-sermon video, a scripture video, or even a countdown clock, these tracks make great background music for anything you’re trying to present - in particular when it’s something quieter or more reflective. When you purchase our Bed Tracks, we extend the right for you to use them for non-commercial purposes as video backgrounds. This affords you a level of usage freedom with incredible value.

7. Instrument Practice

Whether you play piano, guitar, bass, or any other solo instrument, our Bed Tracks offer an amazing tool to develop your personal, improvisational sound. With no one else listening, and the progression playing over and over, you have the opportunity to experiment with melodies and chord positions. Plus, there is incredible value in learning how to play these common progressions effortlessly in all 12 keys. Take the time to play these common progressions over and over and over, until they move from your head to your heart. Then, you will discover a new level of freedom as you play your instrument and lead in worship. As a piano player, these tracks are awesome tools that I can practice to!

8. Silent Confession

One of the most meaningful and personal things you can do in public worship is to take some time in silence and heartfelt confession. With no words spoken, just allow people a gift of time to be silent, and perhaps reflect on things that have been blocking their relationship with the Lord. The beauty of our Bed Tracks is that they don’t draw focus to themselves. They are intended to sit in the background, and encourage thoughtful prayer and reflection.

9. Advanced Songwriting

As an extension to #4, you can use the “loop” version of our Bed Tracks to actually ‘build’ a complete song by stringing together a series of looping chord progressions. For example, you could select the loops of three progressions, and string them together in a format like “AABABCAA.” In fact, you’ll discover that this is exactly how many of your favorite worship songs where written. With your own, custom string of progressions, you suddenly have high quality sounds as a foundation to help you write a complete song! When you buy the loop versions of our Bed Tracks, you actually get all 10 progressions in a single download. Each progression is like a block of “Lego,” with a unique shape and color that you can use to build your own song structure.

10. Make Your Own Recording

Our Bed Tracks are designed to sit in the background and let your own creativity shine. These tracks are not songs. They have no defined melodies. You can invest your own creative heart on top of these tracks. Why not record your own sound, and share your creative gift. The sky is the limit for you to use these tracks for your own non-commercial endeavors.

We have written several articles on how to use Bed Tracks in your ministry. Find more information on our Bed Track products here. Browse through our complete catalog of Bed Tracks here 

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