Three New Track Products To Use This Fall

Posted on September 7, 2017

Over the past couple of months, we have been excited to release three new products that are related to each other, but also unique! Bed Tracks, Pad Tracks and Soundscapes are audio tracks that have been created to enhance your times of ministry in different ways. We thought it might be helpful to explain some of the differences between these three new products! 

Bed Tracks

Bed Tracks are a collection of popular chord progressions in all 12 keys that can be used in a variety of contexts to enhance your times of worship, prayer or readings. We currently offer 10 different chord progression series. They work great as transitions between songs or service elements - in fact, I used one of our Bed Tracks the other week in our services. We had just finished “What a Beautiful Name”, and as the band was ending on the ‘4’ chord, I started our ‘4 1 6 5’ Bed Track using the Worship Director app, and we had a scripture reading over top of that progression. Because Bed Tracks include a rhythmic element, it was easy for the band to quietly play along. When the scripture reading was finished, we simply started the next song and I faded out the Bed Track. 

The “Worship Director” app (insert screenshot of “Worship Director” app? I think we’ve got that somewhere already that we could use again?) is a great, free app with an automatic ‘fade in/fade out’ feature that makes song files transition seamlessly.  Because our Bed Tracks are each 20 minutes long, it gives you the flexibility to continue as long or short as the situation calls for. Another nice feature of Bed Tracks is that we offer Click Tracks, Band Tracks, Rhythm Tracks and Multi Tracks. When you download a Bed Track, you get the progression in all 12 keys, each recorded separately.  Read more about Bed Tracks.

Pad Tracks

Pad Tracks are similar to Bed Tracks and use the same sound palates, but are made up of one chord that lasts for 20 minutes, using our beautiful, rich pad sounds. However, this chord is not a static, boring audio experience. We’ve deliberately made these tracks interesting and dynamic; they ebb and flow so that the listener doesn’t lose interest. Different from Bed Tracks, Pad Tracks are not rhythmic and can be used in any musical setting.

These pads are available in all major and minor chords as well as in both a ‘high’ and ‘low’ version. Pad Tracks make beautiful intros and outros and transitions. In fact, in the same services that I referred to above, I also used a couple of Pad Tracks both at the beginnings and endings of different songs. Additionally, Pad Tracks are useful for readings and times of prayer. People have often used the ‘high’ version of our Pad Tracks to play as background through an entire song. Read more about Pad Tracks


Soundscapes while similar to the above track products, are able to be used as standalone songs. They are beautiful pieces that have been recorded with our Pad Track and Bed Track sound profiles, but have been recorded to be helpful as a meaningful backdrop for times of prayer and reflection, personal devotion, video background music, etc. They can be purchased as regular audio track versions that will play for 5 minutes or so, but can also be purchased in our Bed Track format, which will offer all 12 keys and will each last for 10 minutes. Lead Sheets for these tracks are also available for purchase.  Read more about Soundscapes.

We hope that you find these resources helpful for your ministry as you strive to create worshipful settings for your community!

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