Introduction To MultiTracks

Featuring David Bauer Posted on November 14, 2011

Over the past few years, PraiseCharts has been providing various audio resources to help enhance the live worship experience.  As our customer base continues to grow, we make every effort to develop more diverse products that continue to meet the evolving needs of the worship community.

ClickTracks continue to be a valuable tool helping worship bands sound more complete and full. ClickTracks are a simple downloadable 2-track mp3 with an isolated click panned left and a mono music track mix panned right.  This inexpensive solution has helped to provide more continuity with worship bands and enhanced their sound for live performances.

RhythmTracks continue to provide solid rhythm section backing tracks to churches and worship ministries that need the assistance of pre-recorded bass and drum tracks.  Another inexpensive stereo mp3 that is pre-mixed with music track, bass and drum tracks.  This is an ideal solution for lone worship leaders that lead from guitar or keyboard and lack a full band or limited band situations such as startup churches, retreats, camps, coffeehouse worship, etc. 

Reason Files have become yet another resource for our customers who use Reason software.  Since a majority of our tracks are produced in Reason, customers can use our Reason source files and modify our tracks to fit their specific needs.  Key changes, song structure and mixing various instruments are key advantages of Reason and our source files, not to mention the fact Reason users can add their own instruments on top of what we’ve already created.

We have also seen a growing number of customers who would like to have the advantages of multi-track mixing but don’t own or use Reason.   This gives way to another product that we believe will be very attractive to music professionals and worship leaders.

Multi Tracks is a backing track resource that fits perfectly with ClickTrack-capable worship bands AND limited situations where bass, drums, keys or guitars may be needed.  With Multi Tracks we've added professional quality guitar tracks and keys (piano).  This gives worship leaders the flexibility to dial in just the right mix for their live band, or fill in the gaps with your current band.  Multi Tracks can provide a complete band sound for any worship environment. 

What’s included with Multi Tracks? 

Each Multi Track is delivered as a single ZIP file containing several mp3 audio files.  The following tracks are included with each download:

  1. Track Mix– synths, loops, strings, etc. (depending on the song)
  2. Keys / Piano
  3. Electric Guitar 1
  4. Electric Guitar 2
  5. Electric Guitar 3 (as needed, depending on the song)
  6. Acoustic Guitar (as needed, depending on the song)
  7. Drum Kit
  8. Bass
  9. Click & Vocal Cues

What software is required to use Multi Tracks? 

To use Multi Tracks, you will need an audio host program, or Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), such as Garage Band, Logic, Digital Performer, ProTools, Ableton Live, Cubase, Cakewalk, etc.  Essentially any audio software (Mac or PC) that will allow you to play multiple audio tracks simultaneously will work for Multi Tracks.  Please be sure to check out the tutorials available on our site demonstrating how to use Multi Tracks on four of the most popular software applications (Garage Band, Digital Performer, Logic and Ableton Live). 

What hardware is required to use Multi Tracks? 

You must have the ability to connect your computer (tower or laptop) to your audio system.  At minimum, an inexpensive audio cable that connects to your 1/8” stereo headphone jack on the computer with either RCA or 1/4” connections for your audio system is required.  With this configuration, you will be limited to an isolated click (left channel) and a mono track mix (right channel).  This is essentially the same as our existing ClickTrack mixes.

Ideally, to take full advantage of Multi Tracks, you need an audio interface that has multiple outputs.  Most of these connect via Firewire or USB with your computer system.

Why are multiple outputs recommended? 

As the name implies, Multi Tracks are best used with a hardware interface that gives you separate (“multiple”) outputs to send to your house audio system.  For example, if you want to provide a stereo mix for your house audio system AND send a dedicated click track to your band, the click track would require a 3rd (output) channel that is sent to your house audio system.  Then the click track can be sent to your in-ear system for the band, etc. 

Keep in mind, every computer system has a stereo audio output by default.  Mac’s and PC’s cannot play more than a stereo mix thru its headphone or line out jacks.  In order to playback more than just a stereo mix, it is best to use an audio interface that has more than a stereo output.  Most of these devices will offer 4, 6 or 8 analog outputs, depending on brand and model.  See our “Recommended Hardware” section below.

Are Multi Tracks available in more than one key? 

Yes.  Multi Tracks will be available in the same key ranges as our companion Click and RhythmTrack products.  If you purchase a Multi Track file, you will have access to both the original and alternate keys.


(typical prices)


  • Garage Band – free with every Mac ($14.99 available in the App Store)
  • Digital Performer – $495 (Full version)
  • Logic – $499 (Studio version), $199 (Express version)

Mac & PC compatible

PC - Windows


(Multiple dedicated output channels):

* Pricing for most software and hardware is usually the same from any retailer.  Sometimes you can find special deals and packages offered by specific retailers.  Often, these packages will include hardware and software bundled together.  Be sure to use only audio interfaces that provide for multiple output channels.  This is particularly important if you intend to use Multi Tracks with the click track for your band. 

For churches and non-profit organizations, special academic pricing may be available from certain retailers.  For example: or

** Be sure to speak with your retailer or audio professional about which interfaces pair best with your software and computer system.

Tutorials – Please check out the tutorials on our main Multi Tracks page:

If you have any questions about using Multi Tracks for your specific situation, please contact us at