Ask Rick...We're Starting a Second Service...Now What?

Featuring Rick Muchow Posted on April 23, 2008


We are looking at starting a second service. Is there a resource that you would recommend? Do you have suggestions that would help prepare to start this service?


Absolutely, go to a worship conference! I’m not aware of a stand alone resource that would serve to answer this question. Three to five paragraphs wouldn’t even begin to start to answer it, but there are excellent worship conferences around the country where you can attend several workshops that would help address this.

At Saddleback, we currently have six service times each weekend: two on Saturday evening, two Sunday morning and two more on Sunday evening. During those main worship services, we also run a total of 6 more venues spread out during those times. A venue has the same preaching message but its own music style. Venues include El Encuentro (hispanic,) Overdrive (rock,) Elevation (pop music,) Ohana (island music,) Praise (gospel,) Family (parents and young children, mixed music styles) and Traditions (hymns.) There are 3 additional age specific services that run at various times for a total of 18 encounters on site each weekend, each with different music involved. We have also added a regional campus, are launching 2 more Easter services in 2008 and plan 8 additional campuses over the next three and a half years. I’m just now getting used to starting additional services.

In addition to suggesting that you Google the many great conferences offered around the country, Saddleback’s Worship Conference and Festival will offer plenty of workshops on the topics of venues and regional campuses. See www.saddleback.com/worship

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