Ask Rick...Health Issue Affecting The Team?

Featuring Rick Muchow Posted on April 22, 2008

I've served as volunteer minister of music for many years at our church under the same pastor. One of the main musicians for Sunday morning worship is the pastor's wife. In recent years, her health has declined. We do not practice for service. I think we should but don't know quite how to address it with the pastor. He is one of her greatest ‘fans.’ How would you handle this issue?

Ecclesiastes 3:1, “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven.” This sounds like a season of compassion - to support your pastor and the love of his life. Wait it out.

It’s better to love and show compassion than it is to have excellent sound.

When you make your song selections, you’ll have to consider the limitation of the team including the time you have available to rehearse, and the health of the members in this particular case.

I think you should talk with your pastor. Assure him that you are committed to supporting his wife and that she is a valuable member of the team; that your team is committed to praying for her and for him; that you realize it may be impossible for his wife to rehearse with the team, and though it is not ideal, the team understands. Appreciate her contribution as it is.

Also ask him if it would be possible to have rehearsals so that the team can 1) be more prepared for the weekend, 2) discuss and grow in other areas of worship leadership, for example you might teach through various text (our Worship Answer Book would be good for this,) do devotions together, and pray for the services. Reinforce that there would be no expectations on his wife for these rehearsals.

Emphasize that while rehearsing the music is important, the MOST important thing we rehearse is NOT the music. We rehearse the practice of worship, leading the team to a deeper life-expression of worship and build relationships.

I think it would help the pastor’s wife, your piano player, if she could have the music ahead of time to review at home. Possibly she could make a recording of the piano parts that you could use in the rehearsal with the rest of the team.

I strongly believe the best thing you can do right now is to realize the great opportunity you have to support and love your pastor and his wife. Rom 13:1-13, Eph 4:3, Psalm 133:1.

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