First Love: A New Worship Collection from Dennis Jernigan

Posted on June 5, 2017

First Love is a 16 song collection of simple and intimate worship songs by Dennis Jernigan, writer of the popular You Are My All In All. These songs were recorded over a three day period in the studios of the American Family Association in Tupelo, MS. During those three days, Dennis simply worshiped Jesus - just him and the piano, and First Love is the result. 

First Love includes 10 of Jernigan’s most popular worship songs like You Are My All In All, Thank You, We Will Worship the Lamb of Glory, Who Can Satisfy My Soul and more. Also included is Passionate Obsession - a song of deliverance from the Father’s perspective. In addition, Jernigan includes 6 new songs of worship: First Love, Redeemer, I Need to Know You, You Are My Life, Just Keep Breathing (another song of deliverance from the Father’s point of view), and Jernigan’s personal favorite, I Lay Me Down.

In addition to the recorded songs on First Love, Dennis has also compiled Song videos and Story Behind the Song videos for use in small group or personal ministry settings. All 32 videos are available on flash drive at www.dennisjernigan.com or by calling 918-781-1200. Additional information about Dennis' life and ministry can also be found on his website. His autobiography and other resources can also be purchased there.

Dennis Jernigan makes his home in Muskogee, OK where he and his wife of 34 years, Melinda, have raised 9 children and currently have 9 grandchildren! Dennis still writes to this day due to the sheer amount of need in the world around him. Having been delivered from same sex attraction, most of his music was and is for those he walks with relationally, who struggle with their identity. He and Melinda consider their living room ground zero for their ministry, bringing people into their home regularly and using the music as a tool for connecting people to Christ.

To invite Dennis Jernigan to minister to your church or group. contact Anne Kay at 918-685-2268 or booking@dennisjernigan.com.

Find resources for all the songs, new and old, included on First Love:

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