Christmas Carols For Acoustic Worship Saves Church Worship Service

Featuring PraiseCharts Posted on December 19, 2014

The best part of what we do at PraiseCharts is connecting with the people who use our resources on a weekly basis.  We often hear stories about how a worship leader's job has been made a little easier through a simple download.  Truthfully, this is why we do what we do. We are passionate about resourcing the church with worship music.

The Christmas season can be a very busy time, both personally and within the doors of the church.  It is often at this time that we find people rely on PraiseCharts for their many Christmas season services.  Today, once again, our hearts were touched by a call we received from a priest in a small town in Nevada.

The priest let us know that their organist’s husband fell and broke his femur. The organist will be spending Christmas at the Las Vegas hospital with her husband, leaving the church without music on Christmas. The priest went on to say that right around the same time he received the news from his organist, he saw the Christmas Carols For Acoustic Worship Songbook advertisement.

Formerly a night club entertainer prior to entering the priesthood, Father "X" will be pulling out his guitar which he hadn’t touched in 10 years, and using the Acoustic Carols book to lead singing at the Christmas Eve and Christmas Day services.
This testimonial was such a beautiful reminder that God is always on time and that we at PraiseCharts are blessed to be involved in real peoples’ lives in real ways.

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