Choir Sheets Now Available With Four Part Harmony For Your Worship Choir

Featuring PraiseCharts Posted on July 9, 2014

This summer, we have been updating our most popular charts with a Choir Sheet, specially designed for your worship leading choirs. These charts offer four part harmonies in a traditional SATB format. You can use them along with our regular Lead Sheets, Rhythm Charts, Piano Parts, and full Orchestrations. Your choir members will enjoy these concise, easy to read charts, that focus on harmonies and lyrics.

Permission To Copy Form

Remember that every purchase from PraiseCharts includes permission to make up to five copies of each part. If you need more copies of any chart, simply email permissions@praisecharts.com with the details of the song and your information, and we’ll send you an invoice. As soon as you have completed that process, consider permission granted. We try to make the process easy and affordable. If you find that you need copy permission for a number of songs on a regular basis, download our Permission To Copy form.

Keep in mind that these choir sheets are only available for our most popular songs in the Worship Band Series. We are continuing to expand this catalog to include as many songs as possible.

Common Questions:

How does a Choir Sheet differ from the Lead Sheet?

The Choir Sheet offers SATB vocals, without any chords or band markings. The Lead Sheet offers SAT vocals along with chord changes and band markings. Generally, the Lead Sheet is ideal for your band and front-line worship team. The Choir Sheet is ideal for your worship choir members where many copies are needed.

Does the Choir Sheet have a piano part?

In order to conserve space, the Choir Sheet does not have a piano part. When a Choir Sheet is available, the Piano/Vocal part does include SATB vocals. This way, you can print out the Choir Sheet for your choir members, and the Piano/Vocal (SATB) part for your pianist.

What does SAT and SATB stand for?

SAT stands for Soprano, Alto and Tenor, and SATB stands for Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass. SAT is a common 3-part style of harmony, often found on Lead Sheets where all three parts are written in the Treble Cleff. With SAT vocals, the Bass would sing the melody, one octave lower. SATB is a traditional 4-part style of harmony where the vocals are much more spread out, giving room for the full expression of each part.

Can I make photocopies with my CCLI subscription?

Having a CCLI subscription does not give you permission to make photocopies of the sheet music arrangements at PraiseCharts. To make copying easy and affordable, we offer permission to make up to five copies of every part without extra charge. After that, the fee is $1 per song, per copy.


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