I Believe
Charity Gayle

Trumpet 3 Details

Download the Trumpet 3 sheet music for I Believe by Charity Gayle, from the album Rejoice. This song was arranged by Daniel Galbraith in the key of F, Gb.

SongID 83695
Language English
Album Rejoice
Artists Charity Gayle
Authors Charity Gayle, Melanie Tierce, Steven Musso, Ryan Kennedy, Kaden Slay, Hannah Musso
Arrangers Daniel Galbraith
Publishers Essential Music Publishing, Music Services, Watershed Music Group
CCLI Song No.7232215
File TypePDF
Original Key Gb
Available Keys F, Gb
Tempo Slow
ThemeBelief, Faith, Faithfulness


Verse 1 From the beginning you've been unchanging Age to age You stay, constant You remain Every myst'ry, the questions I've carried Are safe within Your will so I trust You even still Chorus I believe You are who You say You are You do what You say You'll do, You'll come through You are always able I believe You've already made a way So I'm running through parted waves straight to You You are always faithful Verse 2 Jesus, You're for me, holding me steady Ev'ry word You speak is a promise that You keep This firm foundation cannot be shaken My God You never fail, never once You never will Instrumental I believe, I believe Bridge 1 That on the cross Your blood was spilled and by Your stripes I have been healed And ev'ry promise You've fulfilled, I believe, I believe That You rose again in victory and that same power lives in me I'm born again, I've been made free, I believe, I believe Bridge 2 That the gates of hell will not prevail, Your church is still alive and well This gospel truth I'll live to tell, I believe, I believe That one day soon You'll split the sky, You're coming for a spotless bride Until my faith has been made sight, I believe, I believe, I believe End And on that day I've run my race, I'll fin'lly see You face to face And nothing then will separate, I believe, I believe I'll join with ev'ry tribe and tongue and bow befor ethe Lamb of God Singing holy holy holy One, I believe, I believe...

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