What Makes A Great Worship Song with Jason Ingram

Featuring Jason Ingram Posted on January 21, 2014

Jason shared some amazing ideas about song writing for the church; it is obvious that he is committed to writing with other artists and song writers and has a heart to share his God given songs with the church. 

Jason spoke of the many people who have invested in his life in various ways and the words that have impacted him.  Just this past week Louie Giglio spoke a powerful word saying "As worship leaders we are to lead from acceptance not for acceptance."  Along the lines of bringing new songs to the church, Matt Redman said “Isn’t it great to lean into these new songs because it reminds us that God is doing something new”

Jason shared with us some practical points about songwriting.

3 steps in writing a great song

  1. Can They Sing It?
  2. Do they need to sing it?
  3. Do they want to sing it?

Other questions to ask yourself when song writing:

  1. Am I in the Word?
  2. Am I under great teaching/leadership?
  3. Am I finishing and checking my songs?
  4. Am I co-writing?
  5. Am I re-writing?
  6. Am I putting in the time and the work?

Jason talked about the idea that God does not need our songs but He does want them.  Jason went on to say “God has not elevated songs in the church that have not come from a pure place”

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