The Nuts and Bolts of How To Lead A Great Worship Practice with Cory Alstad

Featuring PraiseCharts, Cory Alstad Posted on October 1, 2014


Nine Tips for A Great Rehearsal

  1. Band and worship leaders need to LEAD
  2. Sometimes you have to just pick ONE good answer
  3. Start and end with an EASY and ACCESSIBLE song
  4. Plan your rehearsal in terms of COMPLEXITY of arrangements
  5. Planning for clear INTROS and OUTROS
  6. Set the VIBE right from the beginning
  7. Learn the LANGUAGE of your musicians
  8. Learn the art of SELFLESS PLAYING
  9. Watch out for COMPETING MELODIES

Other Notes

  • Be intentional
  • Set your team up to win
  • Lead with confidence “nervous people make people nervous and confident people make people confident”
  • “The best musicians can do it all, but rarely do”


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