Building A Worship Culture with Elevation Worship

Featuring Elevation Worship Posted on November 20, 2014

Two core principle’s for creating worship culture

  1. We believe that God can do the impossible.  We are not afraid to believe that God will do amazing things.
  2. Think inside the box. Embrace your limitations. Be realistic with what you have to work with.  Think about how you can pull off something great within the constraints and limitations you have to work with (portable locations, small budgets etc).

How do you build that kind of worship culture in a church?

  1. It comes from the top down.  Worship culture comes from the Pastor’s heart and follows the vision of the church.  It is operated from a system of empowerment.  Pastor empowers the worship pastor to lead the worship team.  The worship leader is then empowered to lead from there. 
  2. Keep things consistent.  Keep the integrity of the pastors heart and vision all the way from the pastor to the lead to the worship team members. 
  3. Worship flows into the message/vision. The Pastor can then continue to lead into what he will share with his church

Additional Thoughts:

  • The answer to culture is not programming things to the micro second.  The heart behind it is to fan the flame of the heart of the pastor and flow that out to the church through worship.  It’s about being intentional.
  • The relationship between worship leader and his lead pastor is key.  When that is not there, the most important thing is to submit to that the leaderdship.  The Lord does more through unity than a worship leader that has their own agenda
  • Even in the most outwardly perfect churches, the grass may always be greener on the other side.
  • You will face challenges no matter what type of leadership you have above you, so take time to see it from both sides.  See the goodness in your situation.
  • Take an opportunity to build a culture that is coming up under the vision of the pastors leadership.
  • if you submit your preference to your pastor, but at the same time bring your best efforts to the table, you can find the start of a great working relationship. 
  • God moves in the details and the planning because God is outside of space and time, perfectly orchestrating things even months out.  So be intentional and not afraid to plan.  When you do, you are setting you team up for success.

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