Top 20 Trending Worship Songs This Week (April 22, 2018)

Posted on April 22, 2018

Here is a list of the top 20 trending songs this week. This week's highest ranked song is Living Hope from Phil Wickham; a beautiful modern hymn. Other songs in this list include a variety of titles from Hillsong Worship, The Belonging Co. and Pat Barrett. Take a look and see what new songs you can add to your upcoming set lists.

  1. Living Hope (Phil Wickham)
  2. Isn't He (This Jesus) (The Belonging Co)
  3. New Wine (Hillsong Worship)
  4. So Will I (100 Billion X) (Live) (Hillsong Worship)
  5. You Are Life (Hillsong Worship)
  6. The Passion (Hillsong Worship)
  7. Remembrance (Live Acoustic) (Hillsong Worship)
  8. The Way (New Horizon) (Pat Barrett)
  9. God So Loved (Hillsong Worship)
  10. Remembrance (Hillsong Worship)
  11. Open The Gates (Vertical Worship)
  12. Touch Of Heaven (Hillsong Worship)
  13. Be Still (Hillsong Worship)
  14. Great Is Thy Faithfulness (Beginning To End) (One Sonic Society, Michael Weaver)
  15. Yes I Will (Vertical Worship)
  16. Who You Say I Am (Live Acoustic) (Hillsong Worship)
  17. The Lord’s Prayer (Hillsong Worship)
  18. Build My Life (Pat Barrett)
  19. All Hail The King (Vertical Worship)
  20. Confident (Steffany Gretzinger)

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