The ReWired Retreat

Featuring Brad Henderson Posted on July 23, 2010

My son Joe (Joe Fa Sho) and I are blessed these days to play in the Matt Roberson Band. Joe’s a knocked out drummer and I attempt to hold down the bass guitar/BGV’s slot and do some arranging where needed. This has been/is an interesting and rewarding partnership.
We just came back from a weekend to remember. We led worship at the Rewired Men’s Retreat at Falls Creek Camp in Oklahoma. I led worship with my group two years ago and Matt led last year with his group. This year, we were asked combined our efforts and what an absolute blessing!

Men…at a camp setting…they love to sing and when you combine an excitement of 2,700 plus men being together with their unashamed desire to worship their Creator, it makes for a moving and powerful experience. My hope is that the men connected with God in a very real and honest way, perhaps experienced a greater freedom to worship and that this will begin show itself in churches across the country.

In addition to leading the corporate worship, we got to do three breakout sessions for worship leaders. I was allowed to share some thoughts God and my accountability team has been pouring into my life. What a thrill to see the truth, the power of Scripture shared and the realization of our place in His Kingdom, our identity in Him. Who God says we are, how we are to die spiritually and now Jesus is our life and how we are to set our minds using His Word. These sessions were surprisingly well attended and we probably gained more by preparing than the men did from our sharing.  
Here are the setlists from the Rewired Men’s Retreat. (FYI and big grin) most these are available at PraiseCharts and the ones that aren’t soon will be. Blessings on you and your ministry and remember this week, we can do nothing of any value unless we allow God to do it. Let’s lay down the reins of control and allow the Holy Spirit to have free reign.

Friday’s setlist:

Better Than Life
Glorious One
How Great Thou Art
I Stand Amazed In The Presence
You Are My King (Amazing Love)
Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)

Saturday’s setlist:

How Deep
Because Of Your Love

Note from Victoria Keen:
Brad is one of the lead arrangers here at PraiseCharts and Joe frequently contributes to the Chord Chart department and engineers several of the studio projects. Matt Roberson’s music can be found here. Check his stuff out!

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