The King is coming on a horse of white

Featuring Dennis Jernigan Posted on February 13, 2010

"...The King is coming on a horse of white..." 

As children, we often play games in which a knight in shining armor comes riding in on his horse of white. My brothers and cousins and I would play for hours. We had the added advantage of having our own horses, making the fantasy all the more real in our minds! What fun it was to get to play the part of the hero and rush in to vanquish the foe and rescue the fair maiden. In my own hidden world, I secretly always wanted to be the one that got rescued. As a boy I found myself captive to things I did not even understand. So imagine my delight and ecstasy when Jesus rushed in and set me free for real! We are all in need of rescue due to sin. We know from God's Word that Jesus will return on a white horse...but you know what? We do not have to wait until that day to experience His rescue. All it takes is us crying out to Him for help. He hears and rushes in, vanquishing the enemy and setting us free.

In what areas do you need rescue today? Cry out to Him and then be expectant for His answer.
In my distress I called upon the LORD,
And cried to my God for help;
He heard my voice out of His temple,
And my cry for help before Him came into His ears.
He delivers me from my enemies;
Surely You lift me above those who rise up against me;
You rescue me from the violent man.
Therefore I will give thanks to
You among the nations, O LORD,
And I will sing praises to Your name.
Psalm 18:6 and Psalm 18:48-49 NASB