Catching Up With Dennis Jernigan

Featuring Dennis Jernigan Posted on August 9, 2013

Do you ever wonder what’s going on with Dennis Jernigan, the writer of such Christian worship songs as You Are My All in All, Thank You (as recorded by Darlene Zscech), We Will Worship the Lamb of Glory, Who Can Satisfy My Soul (There is a Fountain), and many others?

Dennis, or DJ as his many fans call him, is a busy guy these days. Celebrating 30 years of marriage to Melinda, having raised nine children with her, and now a granddad, one would think his life busy enough, right? Well, hold on!

DJ is often asked to share his story of deliverance from same sex attraction in a world increasingly hostile to such a story of the power and love of Jesus Christ. But he is determined to rescue as many as possible from whatever bondage the human soul finds itself in. God has opened an amazing door for Jernigan to do just that.

This past March (2013), a young filmmaker and his crew followed Dennis around for 10 days as he ministered and told his story. That film has now become a major documentary that will be released sometime in the coming year. Titled Sing Over Me - The Dennis Jernigan Story, the film is grace-filled and loving in the way the director/producer, Jacob Kindberg, has crafted the film. We will let you know when that film is available for viewing.

In conjunction with the film, Jernigan has crafted his autobiography that is designed to answer all the questions the film is sure to raise. In a gut-wrenchingly honest confession of the darkest moments of his life, Dennis has lovingly created a book that will outlive him. Talking about the things that led him to that life and all the subsequent consequences of his sin, Jernigan’s brokenness is obvious yet he is no one’s victim. Rather, the story of DJ’s life is one of triumph and victory - victor - at the hand and mercy and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ! As with the film, Sing Over Me - The Dennis Jernigan Autobiography will be available within the coming year.

In addition to his latest recording, 2010’s Here In Your Presence (available now at PraiseCharts), Jernigan is in the studio preparing his epic worship album called Days of Awe. Due sometime this fall, all the music will be available right here at PraiseCharts! Full of songs sure to inspire your people to worship, songs that are readily easy to sing, songs that are triumphant and victorious, to songs that are starkly, nakedly intimate, we are sure you will find a song or two (or five) that your people will take to heart!

Produced by a young man Dennis has mentored for many years (Ryan Redding), the songs are all born of Jernigan’s quest for intimacy with God even through the trials and tribulations of his life and the persecution that often comes with the telling of his story. His instructions to Ryan? Produce the songs in such a way that the coming generation will listen but in such a way that people will still have no doubt this is DJ’s heart...and make it EPIC! Epic in production. Epic in exaltation. Epic in intimacy. We can't wait for you to hear this! Be watching right here at PraiseCharts. We’ll let you know when it’s available!

You can see one of DJ’s first public introductions of the title song Days of Awe as he taught it at Gateway Church in Texas this past July as a part of the James Robison Awaken Now Conference here.

Planning is in full swing for a ministry trip to Malaysia, Singapore, and Australia for the fall of 2013.  DJ is, as of this writing and working on raising funds for the trip. For details, check out the tour page

You might not be aware that Dennis is a frequent guest on such Christian TV shows on DayStar and Life Today with James and Betty Robison and often is asked to share his story via radio interviews across the nation.

Did you know Dennis receives quite a bit of verbal persecution from the world?   DJ has already determined that if his story becomes illegal to share (Yes, that is coming) that he will simply have a prison ministry from the inside?

Are you aware that DJ gives away a brand new song/mp3 each and every month via his web site? Go to his website to get the latest new song by Jernigan and go to PraiseCharts to get your lead sheet!

Would you like to have Dennis Jernigan in your City?

Dennis is available to share his story and ministry and music with your body of believers.  Having DJ in your church or ministry is as simple as contacting Kristopher Kay at 918-685-2268 or

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