New Multi Track Technology From PraiseCharts and WorshipSong Band

Featuring Ryan Dahl Posted on March 25, 2014

We are thrilled to announce that PraiseCharts and WorshipSong Band have partnered together to bring you multi-track technology that can easily be used by worship leaders and team members. This embeds PraiseCharts chord charts and multi-tracks with new playback information making it simple to use in the WorshipSong Band application. These products now work together smoothly, bringing affordable, easy-to-use, and state-of-the-art technology to your worship services.

With this enhanced system, you can get accurate chord charts, orchestrations, lead sheets, rhythm charts, and guitar tabs that match audio files so that you can learn, play and lead the music instantly. Songs can be easily transposed into a preferable key with the press of a button, and generous rehearsal copy terms allow musicians to practice at home on a tablet or computer. In addition, lyrics can be automatically displayed on a projector to follow the multi-track, and sections in the multi-track can be easily looped, skipped and personalized to your taste.

So how does it work? A PraiseCharts user merely has to buy the chord chart (if desired) and then the multi-track from the PraiseCharts site. If a user has previously downloaded a multi-track and chord chart from PraiseCharts, they can simply re-download the multi-track file to get the updated version. From there, move the downloaded multi-track zip file into the WorshipSong Band library area, and then run WorshipSong Band to use the integrated tracks and chord charts together.

Please watch the tutorial video to see how you can best use PraiseCharts and WorshipSong Band for your worship experience!

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