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Readings and Prayers for Thanksgiving, Advent and Christmas

Featuring Ryan Dahl Posted on October 31, 2017

This last week I have been thinking about how to slow things down in a worship set, and just speak to people’s hearts. I have found that when I am leading worship, I’m often looking for something to read that would give some depth, transition and flow. What can I, as the Worship Leader, say that would offer some depth, meaning, and direction? 

We have taken some time to put together a collection of readings that you can use during your worship flow, specifically around the themes of Thanksgiving, Advent and Christmas. Slow down, dial down the volume, and use these well chosen words and prayers to speak to people’s hearts. Take your time, speak slowly, and let the words sink in. Sometimes, leading worship means pressing forward with another song. But sometimes, it means giving people a chance to rest, reflect, and listen. These readings will help guide you toward that end.


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