My Perspectives On Here In Your Presence

Featuring Brad Henderson Posted on August 17, 2010

Dennis Jernigan is a friend of mine. We eat lunch together once a month or so when he’s in town. We’ve known each other 20 plus years. He has been a true minister to me and my family many times and I try to be the same for him.

So when he asked for a little help getting his arrangements together for his new live album, I was all-hands-on-deck. He had the rough demos he had put together in his studio and even in those early formative stages, we could see many of these songs were going to be effective in corporate worship. “All Hail King Jesus”… see and hear the transformation of this song from Spirit, to pen, to the piano, then computer, on to paper  and then watch it pour out of the voices and spirits of thousands of worshipers in San Antonio…it was indescribable.

I also have to say that this worship experience came at a crucial point in my walk of faith and once again God used the ministry of Dennis Jernigan to bring a wave of spiritual healing to my life.  There are probably hundreds, maybe even thousands of worship leaders in the world today….but the heart for ministry, the understanding of spiritual warfare and the worship of Dennis Jernigan always moves me….give it a listen!