My Baptism Setlist

Featuring Chris Vacher Posted on April 8, 2011

I tweeted earlier this week that every Sunday is special but there is something unique about baptism Sundays. I love seeing people “go public” with their faith and this past weekend was no exception. We were privileged to see 8 people from our church – young, old, male, female – share their story of how Jesus has changed their lives and it was a great celebration.

Baptisms are a big deal for us – and they should be! Baptism is a chance for an individual follower of Christ to take a step of obedience in their faith, it’s a chance for our congregation to be encouraged by seeing the ministry of our church bear fruit in the lives of these people and it’s a chance for those who haven’t made a commitment to follow Christ to hear the gospel presented clearly.

At our 9:00 service we had 2 baptisms and then 6 during our 11:00 service so we had some work to do in making the timing of everything work together. We knew we would have about 20 minutes of content at 11 that we wouldn’t have at 9 so we made some adjustments in our planning process. We do a service walkthrough on Friday afternoon where we go through all of the service content and spend time thinking through transitions so making changes ahead of time to how the services would look is a very normal part of our workflow.

Here are the songs we sang on Sunday morning -

All The Earth – Paul Baloche – E
Song of Hope – Robbie Seay – A
In Christ Alone – Stuart Townend and Keith Getty – E
Stronger – Hillsong – A (9:00 only)

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