Meredith Andrews Worth It All Album

Featuring Meredith Andrews Posted on January 8, 2013

Value. Meaning. Treasure. Weight. Substance. These are just a few synonyms for the word worth. What is of greatest worth to you? To me? On what pursuit do we spend most of our time and energy? What person or thing holds the highest standing in our hearts and stirs within our souls the deepest affection and longing? What do we worship? We were created to ascribe worth to our Creator God who loved us before He spoke the world into existence, yet more often than not, we get it wrong. We misplace our worth. Instead of spending ourselves in search of His glory, we settle for the worthless glitter of our own happiness. Temporary appeasement. A flash in a pan. Withering grass.

We were made for so much more! We were created for eternity. Not only for the day we breathe our last and beyond, but in the here and now. As followers of Jesus, we carry a never-ending hope with us wherever we go. God has set eternity in our hearts. It's like a fire in our bones. And it's heavy. It matters. More than anything else in the universe, it matters. The promise we have of spending forever with our Saviour King makes everything we endure and long for and wrestle with worth it all.

The call to knowing and loving Jesus Christ was never downplayed in the New Testament to be easy. In fact, it is costly. Dare I say, hard. But we run after Him with the assurance that He never leaves our side, that He hears us when we call on His name, that He understands our every thought, that He loves us with a love that is the strongest force there is. I don't know about you, but I'm not interested in living for the next external satisfaction. I yearn for more. More of this Jesus. More of this life that is dangerous and wild and offensive and lonely at times--all for the sake of knowing Him who is life itself. We will never be fulfilled in any other endeavor.

It all comes down to who or what we worship. It's not difficult to attend a service once a week and sing a few songs that we've sung a hundred times before. But is that all "worship" really entails? What would it look like if I was intentional in my worship, every moment of every day? Worship isn't about a song; it's an increasing awareness of who the Lord is and then responding appropriately. What is the appropriate response then, to a God who designed and formed all things seen and unseen, who is perfect, holy, merciful and just? To a Father who had a plan long before the Fall to relinquish His only Son into the hands of murderous men? To a Saviour who experienced suffering beyond our comprehension to rescue the nations? To rescue me? And to a resurrected King who intercedes for us every day we walk this earth and pursues us even when we give him mere lip service and leftovers?

Love so amazing, so Divine demands my soul, my life, my all...

Only Jesus is worthy of it all. He alone is fit to occupy the place of King. My life, my heart, my every breath, my authentic love, my worship--He deserves everything. He is everything. And when I finally see His face I will know beyond all knowing...He is Worth It All.

-Meredith Andrews

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