A Thrill Of Hope Album Release

Featuring NCC Worship Posted on October 22, 2013

Celebrate the birth of Christ and the Thrill of Hope with 714 this season.  714 is a worship collective based at National Community Church in Washington, DC who are bringing a new, passionately creative sound to Christmas music.  714 delivers a refreshing twist to some of your favorite Christmas carols and classics, as well as offering a new original Christmas song.  Their new project Thrill of Hope blends elements of pop, rock, and folk together with an artistic blend of instruments for a holiday collection to be enjoyed for years to come.
714 is living out the call of worship and prayer to see God move. Kurtis Parks, Joel Buckner, and Chris Douglas head this musically innovative team and have a passion to write songs and lead worship that would bring hope to this generation, and stir a passion in people’s heart for the presence of God. Their purpose is to challenge the church to lead personal lives of prayer and worship, and inspire the church to live corporate lives of prayer and worship. 
With their first Christmas CD release, 714 has produced captivating companion videos that transcend a visually pure and simple musical moment, while fully engaging the viewer in a captivating melodic celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.  "O Come All Ye Faithful" is the first single from the THRILL OF HOPE project that will be released on iTunes November 12.
We are trying to clearly identify for our customers how our Publishers view Worship Choirs, when it comes to copies of music and defining the difference between CCLI reporting and multi copy payment.
Worship Choirs, are generally used as an addition to the worship team, to help lead the congregation in worship.  They do also do special choral numbers.  When it comes to permitting the use of music we wanted to get a feeling from you as to how you view the Worship Choir so that we can help our customers fully understand how to report for their copies.


Do we need to be charging for worship choir copies when the choir is used as an addition to the worship team (and not doing a stand alone number)?  Or are copies only permitted to be charged (and not reported via CCLI) when used as a choral piece?

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