Introducing The Simplified Worship Series

Posted on September 19, 2017

We created the Simplified Worship series for those who are looking to clear the clutter and focus on the essential melody and basic sections of a song. These charts are perfect for private study, solo worship leading, and small worship teams. So far, we have made hundreds of these charts, covering all of the most popular worship songs. There is only one arrangement per song, which is not tied to any particular recording. They simply reflect the essence of the song. Take a look at the chord samples below, and then read through a list of specific features, to find out if these charts are for you!

Simplified Lead Sheet Sample

simplified sample lead

Simplified Chord Chart Sample (1 column)

simplified sample cc

Simplified Chord Chart Sample (2 columns)

simplified sample cc2

Features of the Charts

  1. Simplified Chords - all of the essential chords are retained, but we remove complex and repeated chords that clutter the layout.
  2. Simplified Layout - most intros, transitions and tags are removed. Verses are generally stacked in the lead sheets, and chords are removed from repeated verse sections in the chord charts. The goal is to have the lead sheets fit on 2 pages, and the chord charts fit on 1 page (when outputted as 2 columns).
  3. All Keys Included - in most cases, both chord charts and lead sheets include the song in all 12 keys.
  4. Melody Only - the lead sheet includes the melody only
  5. Clear Section Markings - in both lead sheets and chord charts, you'll find clear headers indicating Verse, Chorus, Bridge.

Worship Leader Applications

  1. Solo Worship Leader - when you are leading worship on your own, with guitar or piano, you can go anywhere in the song without wondering whether the band is following. These charts assume that you appreciate a level of freedom when leading the song. You can make up your own intro, your own ending, and decide in real time how you want to navigate through the different song sections. All the core elements are there in the chart, but it is not written out as an end-to-end "arrangement". These charts still require your artistic touch to put it all together.
  2. Small Group Worship - the last thing you want to worry about in a small group setting is pages and pages of music. Most small group worship leaders want the basic chords and the basic lyrics laid out on a single page. You don't need to sound like the album. You just need to reference the essential melody and chords of the song. The rest will come alive in your small group. Plus, your friends will appreciate you taking the song down a few keys, as they sing while settled in on the couch! Most of the simplified worship arrangements are available in all keys, so that you can pick the sweet spot.
  3. Song Discovery - sometimes you need to experience a song for yourself before you take it to the stage. The simplified worship arrangements allow you to find your own personal groove as you discover your own arrangement in the key that is perfect for your voice.
  4. Spontaneous Worship - these charts don't presume to lead worship for you. The intros, transitions, tags and endings are all left out so that you can listen to the Holy Spirit inside your worship space, and fill in those gaps in real time. If everything is spelled out on the page, there is no room for a spontaneous moment. However, if all the gaps are left empty, you are left needing to know the song deeply, and then lead from your heart. Allow the Holy Spirit to guide you into making fresh music in real time, resting (but not fully depending) on the foundation of a well written song.

Ready to try them out?

Here are a few to get you started.  Browse the full list here!


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