Fit For the King

Featuring Jennie Riddle Posted on April 17, 2008

There is no sweeter voice on the earth to me than the voice of the Bride.  I thrill each time the stage quiets down long enough to hear Her.  If I rouse at the sound of Her song, how much more does my Beloved anticipate His name on Her lips?

Learning to write for Her is taking real purpose, time, commitment, study, and love.  Good worship songs have melodies that seem so elegantly uncomplicated, and are so thoroughly simple to memorize, that I used to inaccurately believe them to be easy to write.   Occasionally they are, but I have found, for me at least, this is not often the case.

Why is that? I think it is because She is Royalty… changing, growing, Royalty.  One-size-fits-all is beneath Her stature and calling and simply doesn't fit.  Mass-production doesn’t take into account Her maturing uniqueness.  Avant-garde, cutting edge creations may not suit Her taste.When crafting, advance consideration needs to be given to upcoming seasons and the myriad of occasions that will present.  What makes Her feel Her most beautiful, appropriate, and authentic becomes the motivating factor as we apply our craft.  Her needs trump all other creative notions and ideas.  Our preferences, choices, and talents become full servant to the Royal Family.

You see, the Spirit within us knows that we are putting words on Her lips.We are giving aid to Her expressions and helping Her to articulate Her heart. The lyrics on Her tongue should be fit for the King.  If I dare to presume to put words in Her mouth, I must make certain that they will taste good to Him!  Likewise, I am learning to craft melodies for Her, tailored around Her voice, and am working to consider every nuance.  What She wears into the King in the form of our music must make Her feel beautiful with no distractions so that She is free to devote Herself to Him fully.  Heaven forbid that She go into the presence of the King and He find Her self-conscious because as songwriters we stole away Her attention by “dressing” Her in attire that makes Her to feel unlovely.

Why am I thinking of dresses when trying to write music? Because the motives are so very similar.

During my college years, before deciding to major in music, I tried my hand at fashion designing.  I had been awarded a theatre scholarship and a small music scholarship, but had been convinced by non-artsy types that starving would be most impractical.  Therefore, in an attempt to have creative outlet and the possibility of future income, I talked my parents into this field of study.   It only took me one semester of wasted college money to realize that I was not going to make it as the next Vera Wang. The textiles gave me headaches and I had difficulty coming up with non-ridiculous looking designs that were also “sensational dahhhling!” Lingering was this persistent notion that clothes should fit real people. However, the approach to design that I would have taken had I stayed in that major would have likewise ensured starvation… and obscurity.

You see, I had decided that I would be couture designer. This is an archaic breed that makes pieces one at a time to perfectly fit the customer for the exact occasion designed around the special uniqueness of the one they are serving.  It is costly, time consuming, and service intensive. The clothes are made to fit the body, and not the other way around. My unregenerate self, at that time, turned from the notion all together when I realized the personal cost.  It’s funny that years down the road, now in love with Jesus, and in His servitude, I am commissioned into a like form of the service from which I formerly fled. Now days, although I am not in the clothing business, I am on assignment for the King.  He has commissioned me to craft on assignment for particular persons and when doing so, I take into consideration their life story, their audience, and their very unique voice with all of it nuances and sweet spots. 

In the same way, Jesus has also commissioned us to write for His Bride.  His Bride. We are not free agents who write on contract.  We are instead in His full servitude where 100% of our work is to represent Him, is His, for whom He wills, for the occasion He wills it.  Each song is tailor made to be “worn” by the person or persons of His choosing, and perhaps even His very own Bride! God commissions us, if we are permitted in Her presence at all; otherwise, we are extremely out of bounds. A songwriter who is called to write for the Bride of Jesus Christ is similar to a custom clothier.  As servants to the Bride we would never decorate Her in a wearable piece of modern art that would make Her feel like a gallery wall. Nor would we dare to wrap Her in a stale knock-off Wal-Mart design that was “made for the masses.”  Rather, every nip and tuck would suit Her and we would do our best to maker Her fit for the King.  Working in this manner would not likely earn us accolades outside the chambers of the One that commissions. Furthermore, we would fully expect that our personal creativity and full expanse of creative options would be in submission to the One commissioning us to serve and make ready His Bride. We would find it of extreme importance to know the mind of the Bride and the King.

The more I have studied Her, the more I have come to love Her.  I see Her most clearly in the reflection of Jesus' eyes.  She is His primary focus.  If we are to bless His heart, we must offer Him what He loves most…  Her.

We are to assist Her in being Her best for Him.  We are to see to Her needs in the way that He has tasked us.  She is stunningly beautiful to Him. Her shape is changing and rounding out as She matures; Her voice is becoming richer and fuller, stronger and clearer… She includes four to five generations on the earth, is of glorious color, and is expansive in thought and conviction.  She is lovely beyond comparison… what a privilege and awesome responsibility we have…. to adorn Her and make Her ready fit for the King, for such a time as this.