Worshipping On The Threshold

Featuring Bamboo Mat Posted on March 15, 2012

Over on John Mark McMillan’s blog there is a great post on individuality and the kind of songs we use in worship. He writes:

there is a pressure to try to make a song or experience so palatable to every kind of person that we end up striping it of any real personality. So the song becomes a little interesting to everyone but isn’t very interesting to anyone‘ (John Mark McMillan, ‘One size doesn’t fit all’).

McMillan’s words sit really well with where I’m coming from in my post about why it is important to install your church’s values into your worship team. The church I go to is called Threshold for a reason. We believe God has called us to be incarnational, to be locally accessible and relevant in our local context. We are called to stand on the threshold.

This is a constant challenge to us in terms of the songs we sing at Threshold, and particularly the songs that are written in-house. If our vision is to see the Kingdom of God further established in our county, then maybe I need to focus more on pursuing the songs that connect our values and identity to our congregation. The more I try to write the more I am convinced that our best is born out of local context.

What do you think?

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