Easy Band Christmas Orchestrations- Coming Soon

Featuring PraiseCharts Posted on November 3, 2010

Aspiring musicians, get ready!  Next week we are planning to launch the Easy Band series as an off-shoot from the popular Worship Band Series.  The Easy Band arrangements build off the same lead sheets and piano parts.  The instrumental parts are derived from the Worship Band orchestrations, but simplified so that they can be more accessible by musicians at the intermediate level.  The playing ranges and melodic complexities have been adjusted and simplified so that your intermediate bands can achieve a similar sound without having to perform like a studio band.  And most of the arrangements will be available in up to four keys, giving you maximum flexibility.  

Easy Band Arrangements will be well suited for the following bands:

  • An experienced band that just doesn't have time for lengthy rehearsals.  Simplified instrumental parts will be easier to pick up on the fly if you are adding extra instruments on Sunday mornings who didn't make the mid-week rehearsal.
  • Smaller churches that don't have high level musicians will find these instrumental parts a little easier to play, as the parts simpler and in more playable ranges.

As long as there is interest, we plan on developing the catalog of Easy Band Series arrangements.  The goal is that once we are caught up with all the most popular Worship Band orchestrations, we will try to do an Easy Band alternative whenever we release a Worship Band Orchestration.

Keep in mind, these arrangements are not meant to be mixed together.  We suggest that you either go with the Easy Band or the Worship Band orchestration.  Both arrangements will use the same chord charts, same lead sheets, same piano parts, same rhythm tracks,  same click tracks, and same rhythm charts.  The difference is in the actual orchestrations.  Your trumpet, sax, flute, and trombone players will find Easy Band arrangements easier to play - and yet the band can still sound great!

Get your musicians ready, and stay tuned.

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