Dennis Jernigan's Prayer Need

Featuring Dennis Jernigan Posted on February 28, 2008

Thought you guys could help me in praying over all the Lord seems to be doing through my MySpace ministry. In January I took over answering all the e-mail from the site from my daughter, Hannah, who had so graciously been reaching out to her generation through my site for me. Since that time we have grown by leaps and bounds…Hannah feels this growth is due to the fact that I am personally answering all inquiries. I am sending out many copies of my e-book, “Victim to Victor”, to teenagers and middle-agers alike. The need is great and I can see becoming overwhelmed very shortly. Don’t worry, though. I am on the Board of Directors for the world’s largest ministry to homosexuals and the sexually broken. God’s kind of cool that way! I am leaving mostly ministry songs up on the site. Who says young people don’t want to listen to my music? Just yesterday we had 689 visits to the site and 597 songs listened to…and the most listened to? Songs from the Father’s heart: “Passionate Obsession” and “It’s Gonna Be Alright”! In all, we have had over 32,000 visits and 24,000 listens in a very short time. This is a small number compared to most of the bands on MySpace…but we are reaching them with the truth of God’s healing power. My testimony is being read by many young people! Please pray for wisdom and insight on how to get the word out, to as many young people as possible, that healing and hope are available! Any words of wisdom from you would be greatly appreciated.
Yesterday, the Bott Radio Network re-aired my testimony interview with Dr. Richard Land that we taped over three years ago. Millions heard the Good News! Sometimes I feel like a lightning rod – in both good and bad ways. When something like this happens, more ministry opportunities arise…when something like this happens, more attacks from those who disagree come about. So far so good. Just hearing the good reports right now! Please pray for those who heard that they would find the help they need right where they are.
Melinda will be leaving for Australia for two weeks in order to see our daughter, Hannah, and to attend the Hillsong Women’s Conference called “Colours”.  Please pray for an anointed time for her…and for grace for me and the children back home!
Please pray for my friends at the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. They are impacting the world like no one else I know of…at least in the US. Think about it. There is no other avenue like sports where over 25 million young people get to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ in our nation. There are so many major coaches and players that young people look up to who are BOLD in their witness and faith. I am so privileged to be a part of the team. One of my main jobs, as I see it, is to minister to the leadership of this organization. This past weekend was truly tremendous in the impact made. Thanks for praying and please continue to do so.
That’s certainly enough for now. Thank you for taking the time to even whisper a little prayer on my behalf in these matters as the Spirit leads. I appreciate your place in my life. Thanks for helping minister to so many. It really is about so much more than the music isn’t it? Freedom in Christ gives me my song, though!