Come, King Jesus, bring Your kingdom

Featuring Dennis Jernigan Posted on February 13, 2010

"...Come, King Jesus, bring Your kingdom..." 

If Jesus is the King of Kings, that means He rules and reigns over EVERYTHING! So why do we cower in fear when things around us fall apart? Is He not in control? Why do we doubt His promises to us? Is He not a good King? Why do we allow the pressure of the world to cause us to waver in our faith? Is He not worth following? Could it be that we don't allow ourselves to live as Kingdom thinkers because we tend to look from our feeble human perspective and allow the dragons of fear and doubt to keep His Kingdom from coming in certain areas of life? I know that is true for me...but no more. My goal is to mature and become so trusting of my King that even sorrow and tragedy are seen as momentary blips on the big picture of the Kingdom. Let's become ‘big picture' people and stop limiting the King by placing Him in the box of our fear and doubt. He is King over EVERYTHING! 

In what areas have you limited God by living your life from your own perspective? Allow the Lord to show You HIS perspective in those areas today.
For the LORD [is] a great God, and a great King above all gods. 

Psalm 95:3 KJV