Christian Song Competition - Top 25 Songs in the PraiseCharts Worship Song Category (#csong2013)

Featuring PraiseCharts Posted on January 10, 2014

PraiseCharts is thrilled to partner together with the Christian Song Competition this year to choose this years winner in the PraiseCharts Worship Category.  The entries are in and selections have been made for the Top 25 songs in that category.  These songs have all been loaded to the site and are waiting for your votes and shares!

How does it work?

Online voting is a new way to determine the winner and will be considered in addition to the votes of the competition judges (read more about them on the judges bio page).

  • Take a listen to the songs at the listening party (below).
  • Click on the title for any or all of the songs and download the audio and chord chart for FREE! 
  • Vote and share your favorites on social media or via email. 

The more a song is shared and downloaded, the more votes the song will receive. 

Want to invite people to participate in the voting? 

Send them to www.praisecharts.com/ccs-top25

Share it socially with @praisecharts and hashtag #csong2013


***Please note that not all audio submitted through the competition will be studio quality masters***