Check Your Print Settings To Maximize Readability and Space For Your Sheet Music

Posted on September 21, 2017

We have made some tweaks to our charts to allow for easier hole punching, improved readability and still maintain a consistent quality chart that you can use anywhere you need it. Your print settings can affect the output, so here's a little tip to optimize your settings when printing sheet music from PraiseCharts.

When printing your PDF charts, be sure to select "Actual Size" rather than "Fit To Page." If your printer ink won't handle the outer edges with the setting at "Actual Size," then select "Fit To Page." The benefit is that with "Actual Size," the fonts will be larger, the music will be easier to read and you will still have room to hole punch your pages.  As a reference, take a look at the Printer Dialogue in the screen shot below:

print size

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