Celebrating 25 Years of Integrity Music

Featuring Integrity Music Posted on June 8, 2012

Incorporated in 1987, Integrity Music is celebrating 25 years of music and ministry with a landmark anniversary double-CD and bonus DVD, 25 Songs That Changed The Way We Worship, releasing June 26. The collection features the original songs by the leaders that have helped shape the sound of worship over the last 25 years, including “Open The Eyes of My Heart,” “Give Thanks,” “Shout to the Lord,” “Ancient of Days,” “Trading My Sorrows,” “Revelation Song,” “How He Loves” and 18 more.

 Helping to launch the ministries of Paul Baloche, Israel Houghton, Hillsong, Darlene Zschech, Kari Jobe, Lincoln Brewster, Don Moen, Ron Kenoly, John Mark McMillan and many more, these songs have been sung by millions of worshippers around the world. While all of the songs have spent time in the CCLI Top 500, indicating the songs most often used in North American churches, some of them have been in the top 10 for as many as 10 years, while 13 have spent multiple years in the top 100! With Integrity’s songs being sung in over 164 countries and translated into Russian, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, French and numerous regional dialects, the true global impact and the number of lives touched by this music is immeasurable.

“These songs serve as a powerful reminder of why Integrity Music started in the first place – to share the songs of worship that give a dynamic voice to generations of worshippers worldwide, uniting us in awe of our wondrous, majestic God,” says C. Ryan Dunham, president of Kingsway and Integrity Music. “This is the foundation for our next 25-years and more as we are captivated by the strength of a song to connect hearts and minds.”

Contributing “Open The Eyes Of My Heart,” “Hosanna,” and “Your Name,” along with the DVD bonus track, “The Same Love,” to 25 Songs That Changed The Way We Worship, Paul Baloche says of his 20-year partnership with Integrity , “I stand amazed and am grateful, humbled to be part of this group of people who really have a heart for the church locally and worldwide.”

In addition to the 25-song double-CD, the bonus DVD features 17 videos, including three Spanish-language songs and a special “25 Years of Worship” interview segment with Baloche, Israel Houghton, Glenn Packiam, Rita Springer, Elias Dummer (The City Harmonic), Travis Ryan, Leslie Jordan (All Sons & Daughters), Joth Hunt (Planetshakers), C. Ryan Dunham, Craig Dunnagan (VP of Music Publishing and Worship Resources) and John Paculabo (Managing Director of Global Song Development), all sharing how they have been impacted by these songs.

“The first time I heard ‘Trading My Sorrows,’ I just remember thinking this song will be sung pretty much forever,” says Israel Houghton. “We have been doing that song non-stop for 12 years; we sing it every night.”

“I’ll never forget. Late one night, somebody had given me an Integrity CD, and Darlene Zschech started to sing ‘Shout To The Lord.’ For me as a woman, to feel so alone in the industry, I felt like Darlene was hope,” remembers Rita Springer. “I think she set a bar for female artists and female worship songwriters to really just forget about what holds you back.”

“When I was first leading worship, ‘There’s None Like You,’ was one of the great songs to go to because it was so simple, yet so beautiful, so powerful,” says Glenn Packiam.

“‘Open The Eyes Of My Heart’ was one that we sang over and over again,” adds Leslie Jordan (All Sons & Daughters). “As a young person of 15-16-17, to be able to sing those words, open the eyes of my heart because I want to see you. I remember that being so powerful for me. I wanted to see God for myself.”

Along with the CDs and DVD is special, 25-year anniversary edition packaging that features compelling, behind-the-song stories with lyric excerpts for every track on the compilation. Also included is an image of the album on which the song was originally featured along with writers, artists and publishing information.

“There is a tremendous responsibility in publishing songs for the church,” says Dunnagan. “What we are really doing is adding to the liturgy of the modern day body of Christ.”

The complete track listing for the 25 Songs That Changed The Way We Worship follows:

CD One

  • Open The Eyes Of My Heart - Paul Baloche
  • Give Thanks - Don Moen
  •  Above All - Lenny LeBlanc
  • I Exalt Thee - Pete Sanchez, Jr.
  • Be Magnified - Randy Rothwell
  • Shout To The Lord - Darlene Zschech
  • God Will Make A Way - Don Moen
  • There Is None Like You - Lenny Le Blanc
  • I Worship You Almighty God - Leann Albrecht
  •  Awesome In The Place - Kent Henry
  • Ancient Of Days - Ron Kenoly
  • Days Of Elijah - Robin Mark

CD Two

  • Hosanna - Paul Baloche
  • Friend Of God - Lakewood Church
  • Love The Lord - Lincoln Brewster
  • Your Name - Paul Baloche
  • Lord Have Mercy - Eoghan Heaslip
  • Healer - Kari Jobe
  • Today Is The Day - Lincoln Brewster
  • I Am Free - New Life Worship
  • Trading My Sorrows - Darrell Evans
  • You Are Good - Lakewood Church
  • Revelation Song - Gateway Worship
  • My Savior Lives - New Life Worship
  •  How He Loves – John Mark McMillan