Be Glorified Testimony And Song Story

Featuring Abundant Life Ministries UK Posted on July 22, 2010

Be Glorified
From Mike Harvie’s perspective:

'Be Glorified' began on a local bus into the city.  When I travelled to work in the mornings I would
diary a lot of my thoughts and this specific morning was a special one.  For nearly ten years I had been
struggling with a degenerative eye condition that made my life so, so hard at times, as my eyes were
always sore and my vision was very poor.  Doctors and specialists told me I would go blind from this
disease, but I always trusted in God and knew He was in control.  I began to think about the name of
Jesus and the power in His name, and was wondering when my breakthrough would come.  I started to
write down what amazing things happen when we speak the name of Jesus over our lives.  We see hope for the broken lives and we see breath put in the lungs of the weak.  We see hearing restored to the deaf and we see sight for the blind eyes!  This is the most powerful confession in the song for me as this was my miracle, what I was believing for.  In order to receive my breakthrough I knew I just had to lift up the name of Jesus and to want to see Him known and glorified.  Instead of elevating my problem, I
elevated Jesus.

Today, after ten years of pain and awful eye sight through the degenerative disease, I stand free from it, fully able to see my wife, Allison, and my daughter, Ada Lee.  A transplant enabled me to see again and I know God's hand was over the whole thing, Praise Jesus.

You may not struggle with bad eye sight, or be weak in strength, but the name of Jesus conquers
anything.  Whether it is a broken marriage or a broken heart, or even broken finances, Jesus fixes it all.  
Confess the truth in this song and elevate Jesus, not your situation and see what happens.

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