Pre-Installed Piano Upgrades

To simplify the process for upgrading your piano sound, we have created individual versions of the WorshipKeys concert with select Virtual Pianos preconfigured. Over time, we may add to this list, but for now, you can download WorshipKeys with the following pianos pre-installed. Before you download these concerts, make sure that you have downloaded the initial WorshipKeys install package. Then, make sure that you have purchased and installed the required virtual instrument plugins. Finally, download the version of WorshipKeys that matches your virtual instrument, and replace the original concert file with the new one. Click below to download one of the alternate concert files.

Recommended Virtual Pianos

The most common sounds that you may want to upgrade over time would be the Bright and Soft Pianos. Here are a few collections of pianos that we recommend.

For additional instructions on how to upgrade your alias sounds in WorshipKeys using other virtual instruments, please refer to page 15 in the Setup Guide