"You Never Let Go" - Devotional

Featuring Matt Redman Posted on December 5, 2008

I wrote this song with my wife Beth, and it´s special to us because it helped us make it through a very hard season in our lives. It was written in a really intense week. Beth suffered a miscarriage, and actually it was also the week of the London bombings. There are times when everything in life seems to be breaking and shaking apart, and that age old Psalmist cry of ´How long O Lord, how long?´ is echoing through your soul. It's in seasons like those where we need to find something firm to stand on. For as real as these struggles are, there's an even greater reality we can connect with, the wisdom, power and love of our amazing God. In our darkest moments He's as kind, caring and in control as He ever was. The song for us was a really a way of reminding ourselves that there's a God who never lets go us, through the times of calm, and the stormy times.

In the song we use Psalm 23 as a springboard into the theme. ´Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death´, and aim to lead people into a place of hope. Since writing the song we've been so encouraged by some of the emails and letters we've received in response. For example, people who have lost loved ones in a such hard circumstances. And though they're very real about it and grieving the loss, they've made a choice to remain on the paths of trust and praise. Our God never let go of us, and if we're wise in worship, we'll never let go of Him.

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